Chapter 17 : Jeju!

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"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", I heard someone scream .

Does that girl have to be noisy this early?


Isn't that JV's voice?


I ran to her room. Good thing i have her room card.

"What happened? Are you okay??", i ask her as i got in.


What i saw is..

She staring at her phone with that err.. touched face? Idk -,-

"Gege.. i'm so... ㅠㅠ", he stare me with this ㅠㅠ face.


Did she fangirl over my airport photo again? Or what? '-'

"What happened?", i sit beside her.

"Laxy-ge and Lu-ge talk to each other, they still interact with each other.. ㅠㅠ" , she said showing a video of Yifan and Luhan talking to each other.

I smile bitterly.

I miss them.


"Laxy-ge and Lu-ge talk to each other, they still interact with each other.. ㅠㅠ" , i said

I saw him smile bitterly.

"Ge..gwenchanayo?", i put my phone down and hug him

He hug me back.

"I'm's just.. i miss them..", he said smiling.

"I'm sorry..did i make you sad?", he hug me

"Shush. I just need your hug", then he break the hug

"Hurry prepare, we're going to tour jeju!", he said leaving the room.

I hope he's not sad about it.

I forgot that lulu and laxy is not exo members anymore. I still hope they would come back. But, if they're happy with solo activities, i'll support them too






I finished preparing.

As i put on my shoes , someone knock the door. And Lay enter the room

"Are you done?", he ask

"Yeah, just done!", i replied

"Okay, come on..", he held my hand and go to his car he rented yesterday.

I sit inside the car

He start the engine and drive.

"Where are we going?", i ask

"Somewhere. It's a secret", he said smiling while still focusing on the road.

Pssh. Secret? Okay then-,- i'll just wait till we get there


I saw her fell asleep.

I smiled.

I drive to the beach that my manager suggest.

We arrived.

"Jagiya..ireona~", i wake her up. (Trans: baby..wake up~)

She wake up.

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