Chapter 23

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"Life is but a dream part 3"

~Two weeks later ~

Alex woke up to the sun beaming down on her face, the birds were singing and she felt great. She threw the covers off her body getting out of bed ! She didn't have to worry about disturbing Larry because he wasn't in bed, after Alex came home from the hospital everything went back to normal !

Larry and Lau had a competition coming up so they would be up early at the studio putting together their routine on top of teaching their classes. Needless to say they would see each other going and coming, Alex and Chanelle went right back to work just finishing a campaign for "Cancer Awareness ".

Alex got up getting her things ready for her shower and pulling out her clothes for the day. She took her time thinking that no one was home so fourty-five minutes later she emerged from the bathroom fresh and clean smelling divine putting her clothes on ! When she was putting her shoes on she noticed all these rose petals on the ground.

She followed the trail to the backyard under their gazebo, she saw a beautiful set up with flowers and coffee. She saw a note in front of her chair : "Good morning mon amour I want you to have a seat and no worry about anything. You breakfast is coming and after that it's a surprise, I hope you ready for what I got planned for today .. I love you baby!

Alex shook her head laughing to herself when she heard the back door opening. She looked up seeing Larry walking out with a tray of food in his hands !

Larry : Bonjour baby you look amazing this morning!

Alex : Merci, but what is this all about babe ? I thought you were at the studio this morning since the whole house is quiet!

Larry : I not going to the studio this morning. I clear my schedule to spend this time with you since we've been so busy, I haven't been able to hold you or touch you the way I should and I going to make up for that today !

Alex : I can't believe you went through all this trouble but I have a meeting this morning and I have to get things ready for Lau and Chanelle's anniversary(gco)

Larry : Didn't I say no worry about anything babe ! You meeting was rescheduled and mon frere is handling his anniversary so no worry for that right now, just eat you food and when you done go to the den for what's next !

Larry set her food in front of her going back in the house, while she was enjoying her food her phone started to ring..

~Phone call ~

Alex : Hello, Mrs. Bourgeois speaking !

Caller : Hi Mrs. Bourgeois we haven't met yet but I'm your brother's girlfriend Janelle.

Alex : Uh okii, hey Janelle. What can I do for you ?

Janelle : He told me to call because he wanted us to meet and talk. But it's only when you are free, I know you are extremely busy right now !

Alex : I think that's a great idea, uh I'm free tomorrow afternoon if you don't mind being around a bunch of babies !

Janelle : I don't mind at all, I love babies. So I'll let your brother know and I will see you tomorrow afternoon. Have a blessed day !

Alex : You too Janelle, bye !

~End of call ~

Larry stepped back outside with some fruit when he saw Alex putting her phone down, "who were you talking to babe "?

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