Chapter 4

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"Commander Harrison, Commander Spock, report to bridge.", a voice then said through their communicators. The two of them sighed and Cienna quickly put on her clothes, Spock saying "I should be ashamed of myself for not knocking or politely asking if I could come in." Cienna smiled a little and said "No you shouldn't, otherwise you still would have to fight that battle against your heart."

Then the two of them went to the bridge, where they were instantly greeted by Kirk "What's your real name Commander?" "Cienna Noonien Singh.", she calmly responded and Kirk sighed "Why didn't you tell me?" "Because I didn't find it necessary at the time being.", Cienna said and Kirk again sighed "Don't get so sassy." "Oh I am sorry am I too sassy for your taste?"

Next to them, Spock just stood with a raised eyebrow and a little grin on his lips. "Yes you a- Spock are you grinning?", Kirk began and interrupted himself. Cienna chuckled and Spock said "Is that a problem Captain?" "Uh no I was just a little confused.", Kirk said and looked at him, then back at Cienna. "There are men and women in those torpedoes, did you know that?", Kirk asked and Cienna nodded "I knew." "And why didn't you tell me that?" "Because I feared that you may want to get rid of them then. I only cared for the safety of my family, and since I knew that you wouldn't fire them, I thought it would be better if I didn't tell, because if Marcus hadn't known of them he would've surely fired them. To hurt my brother and I."

"So those torpedoes, specifically the people inside of them, are your weak point?", Kirk asked and Cienna nodded. Then Sulu said "Captain, there's a ship coming at us in warp." "Klingons?", Kirk asked and Cienna chuckled "Oh Kirk, I think we both know who this is." Slowly Kirk headed to his chair and sat down, quickly giving the order to bring Khan to the med bay, as then a giant black spaceship appeared. "I can't believe it. That bastard rebuilt it...", Cienna mumbled and Spock frowned "What did he rebuild?" "I'll tell you later.", Cienna quickly shrugged it off as then Admiral Marcus appeared on the screen.

"Captain Kirk.", Marcus said. "Admiral Marcus, I didn't expect you. Nice ship you got there.", Kirk said to which Marcus responded "And I wasn't expecting to get word that you've taken Harrison in custody in violation of your orders." Kirk said "Well uh, we had to improvise when our warp core was surprisingly malfunctioned, but I believe that you already knew that."

"I don't think your meaning..."

"Well that's why you're here, to help with the repairs? Why else would the head of Star Fleet personally come here?"

"Captain they're scanning our ship.", Sulu then said. Everybody looked from Kirk, to Marcus and back. Some also glanced at Cienna every once in a while, nearly everyone could see the tension and rage in her. Then she took something out of her pocket, it looked like a normal communicator, but actually, she had changed it to a transporter, it was useful every time.

Quietly she left the room while Kirk and Marcus were still chatting. Spock followed her and asked confused "What are you doing?" Cienna sighed and said "I'm going to do something I should've done a long time ago." Quickly she rushed to her room, where she got her gun and was about to use her transporter, until Spock stopped her "Do you have to do this?" "I'll be back, safe and sound, I promise.", Cienna said and gently placed a kiss on his lips, then the golden light surrounded her and she was teleported to the U.S.S. Vengeance. Her ship.

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