i just walked in the school and was meeting up with charielle when a group of guys were approching me.

" hey yo name ashley ? "

" yes why ? "

they slapped my books out my hands and pushed me towards the locker. before i could get up the new guy jacquees walked up.

" what are you going to push me to ? "

" no i just wanted to help "

jacquees picked my books up and helped me up. i pushed my hair behind my ear and grabbed my books.

" thanks "

" hey , isn't your name ashley ? "

" yes "

" well ashley im jacquees "

jacquees stook his hand out and i shook it.

" what class do you have next ? "

" math "

" me too , mind if i walk with you ? "

" sure you can walk with me "

i smiled and started walking the way of our math class.

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