Chapter 2 The Walk To The Office

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                            Chapter 2:

                The Walk To The Office

That's me when I was in preschool. I'm Mara, and now I'm a Junior at Summerville High School, California. Since then, more than a lot stuff has happened and changed.

I don't have many guy friends now. I have two guy friends and most of my lady friends say that they replaced Cody and Michael. Yes, all my lady friends know about Michael and Cody.

Caleb and Chris are my only two guy friends and those two are my best friends. Caleb and I dated after we became best friends and we broke up. Caleb and I dating and breaking up only brought us closer together. Chris aka Chrissy, lives down the road from me and was home schooled his entire life until he was a freshman at Summerville High School, now we are all Juniors.

My lady friends and I have been through so much as a groups and I wouldn't trade them for anything. As of now (in my Junior year) I couldn't feel more apart from them. I couldn't feel more apart from everyone.

It's Monday morning and every morning everyone greets me.

"Hey Mara." Jade from my 3rd hour English greeted me as I walked down the hallway.

"Hey Jade." I waved.

"Good morning, Mara." Mr. Simpson my favorite teacher said with a smile.

"Good morning, Mr. Simpson." I said smiling.

"Hia, Mara!" Jenny a cheerleader said waving.

"Hia, Jenny!" I replied with a smile.

"What's up, Mara!" Jake from the football team yelled.

"Hi, Jake!" I replied with a wink and a giggle.

Then, Chrissy and Caleb appeared by my side out of no where and kind of surprised me. Both of them wrapping one arm around my waist.

"HEYYYYYY GUUURRRRLLL!!!!!" Both yelled in sync right in my ears.

"AYEEEEE BOYYYYSSSS!!!!!" I yelled right back.

All three of us started laughing hysterically to the point where all three of us were crying. As I put my arm over Caleb and the other over Chrissy, I knew today wasnt gonna be as bad as the last.

All three of our lockers are really close and I love and so do they. I get my locker opened first and I laugh because every morning it's a competition between us to see who can open their locker first. Caleb and Chris look at me at the same time and I sick my tongue out at them and we, again start laughing like it is the end of the world.

"You are so immature, Mara!" Caleb says in between laughs.

"I agree with Caleb. He actually read my mind. He does that all the time." Chrissy states all seriously.

Caleb and both stop laughing as soon as he said it and looked at each other, like are you serious Chrissy.

"Wow Chrissy! Way to ruin the fun and get all serious." I state looking  between Caleb and Chrissy with an are you serious look on my face.

"Yeah Chrissy, what's your problem ruining the fun like that.!" Caleb said with kind of a girlish voice.

That got us going again.... Then I heard someone call my name down the hallway. Caleb and Chrissy stepped in front of me immediately. I wanted to know what was going on, but me being only 5"1 I didn't get very far in knowing what was going on. Chrissy and Caleb are very protractive of me. Since us as friends have been  through thick and thin. We have been through more stuff in the past 3 years then most friends of ten years have.

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