Saturday: Strip?

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As wise words from Parker's elder sister Regina, never be afraid to show a little skin. And in all truth, I wasn't. I don't care if people stare or if people drool or anything else. I'm not embarrassed.

That's why at this moment I was getting undressed, in my room. In front of Parker. So I could get my new day clothing on. He just sat on my bed, humming and fixing his nails which were painted a dark shade of blue.

"You know," I spoke as I turned to Parker, totally nude. "I don't understand the fascination with boobs men have," His eyes flickered up to me, then back down to his nails, then back up to me again.

"I know, it's, like, sick!" He waved the nail file around a bit as he stood.

"It's a lump of fat on our chests! It's extra weight we don't want, but need to breastfeed babies." I crossed my arms and Parker grimaced.

"I think you're squishing the girls." He pointed out and I shrugged.

"So what?" He rolled his eyes and sat back down. I turned back, slipping on my underpants and my bra. Then I walked towards my closet but a hand on my hip stopped me.

"Nope, I came to pick out your clothing so that is what I will do Cry-chan." I flushed - oh my god he's touching my bare hip. I stepped out of his way, out of his grip and he began to search the mess I called my closet.

He finally popped out with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, my blue-Jean jacket and light blue v-neck. Once dressed, I pushed past him to exit my room and head to the kitchen.

"You look just as good as you did last Thursday." He complimented me as he followed. I stopped walking and turned to him.

"Parker," I began with a sigh. "I didn't see you Thursday because you took Nick shopping."

"Oh... Right."

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