Soniya pov

The nest day in Rajasthan was quite good ,we saw the various changes we have to make in the palace and enjoyed some food in the streets, met few people for the renovation ,arranged the caterers and cooks for the dining for the hotel and also got an Indian Interior designer for the traditional design of the palace to increase the value of the project and our official things got over by night ,we hurried up a little because the hotel was to be opened in December during Christmas and it was already September. After dinner we waved each other good night and when to get some sleep after a long day since we were about to leave the next afternoon to new York.

The last day was relaxing, we woke up late had a good relaxing bath and I badly wanted to go shopping because Rajasthan is famous for its ethnicity. As I got ready and went out I saw Mr.ken parker near the gate standing with both his hands in his pocket , and this means Mr.ken is tensed .i went near him and asked "why are you soo tensed ??, is everything alright ?"

 Mr.ken said "I need someone to go the local market to explore what is the fashion,so I called sanjai but he isn't awake yet and I dint want to wake u also ,but since you woke up come lets go" and I nodded saying "nice,even I wanted to go for shopping ,the clothing and accessories are great over here ".

 Ken's pov

She came near me when I was standing near the gate uncomfortably because of the new place ,as u know I was shy even for this . got damn ! I never get shy when I m up for business ,I don't know what happens when I wear my suit and walk I m totally blown off by myself . she came near to my vision clearing everything on my site except her , she was wearing a white  tee and a jean hugging her legs tightly so that her long legs are seen with her dark brown hair let down till her waist line. She was questioning me deepening her brown eye in mine ,I took a deep breath and answered her in one breath and we left for shopping.

Rajasthan hadn't had big malls or shops or guess she dint take me anywhere near those ,all her shopping were done in the streets ,Rajasthan was colourful glorious even when I couldn't resist the temperature there ,it was way too hot ,but soniya doesn't seem to bother about it ,she was almost buying on every shop she could see .she also got me a footwear like the kings wear in India and also an outfit to match those ,but mostly she was buying for her and her sister and rarely for her parents . then while going back to the palace she had a dozen bag in her hand ,I quickly fetched few she hesitated for some time but she was glad I took it from her . then I asked her "do you always shop this much ? you must definitely marry a billionaire to put up to your shopping needs . between I am thirsty  soniya , mind if u can get me something here ?" and with a small smile

She said "I don't usually shop this much ,I shopped this much because I just come here rarely and I m really fond of these clothing and accessories . and Mr.ken I don't need a billionaire all this shopping had got me less than $100. And there is some juice shop lets head there"

I was really surprised " really less than 100$ ,I think u just robbed those shops "

With a small giggle we head to the juice shop ,we had orange juice which was different from what we used to have at New York . then we headed back to the palace and ate lunch and hugged a good bye to my friend and I saw sanjai hug soniya and kissed her on her cheek .damn !! it took me nearly 2 months to get the guts to kiss her cheek and he did it in 2 days , I started hating this guy for this . we got in the flight and buckled in .

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