Earth's Life

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•Sela's POV•

Being in element Earth is ok. We could make plants, vines, and other greens grow. Also, control them. So, I could make a bunch of vines and connect them to 2 trees and make it a hammock. And we could also control the ground. Example, if any Earth person gets really mad, they could cause a 3.0 earthquake or worse!

We have 2 purposes here; One is to grow food and deliver them to the elements. We grow wheat, fruit, vegetables, and ingredients to make and bake sweets. Two is to keep the ground on every element stabilized. Meaning to keep it steady.

Our houses are made up of wood, but the beds are made up of vine. It's pretty comfortable.

I live with my best Earth friend, Azalea. She's like my twin; similar height, brown hair past our shoulders, blue eyes, and we both act crazy! The only difference is that she's nicer than me.

I'm still on my bed thinking what to do for my day-off, then I heard knocks from the door.

"SELA! Someone's at the door!" Azalea yelled from her room.

"I know! I'll get it!" I yelled back as I sit up.

I stand up and walk to the door. I opened it and it was Lana, Mya, Lian, and Sylvia.

"Hey you guys, what's up?" I asked.

"We're going to hang out, wanna come?" Lana asked. "We'll just hang out at our usual spot."

"Sure! I'll ask Azalea is she wants to come." I say as I run into her room.

I opened her door and yelled, "AZALEA! Do you want to hang out at our usual spot?"

"Sure. And don't scream so loud!" She told me.

"Fine, let's go!" I yelled as we run to the door.

Azalea closes the door and locks it before we leave.

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