Air's Life

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•Mya's POV•

Living here in Air is pretty cool. We get to fly because, it's air. In other elements, we could make other people that are not Air fly with our powers. Also, we get to control the air and wind, and may also create a tornado!

The Air's purpose is to spread oxygen to breath, and at times, we spread a cool breeze, we just need to be careful of how much we use. Also, we make clouds from time to time and use the wind to push them to other elements.

The houses here are made up of clouds! It's so soft and comfortable. I could sleep in an instant when I lay down on my bed. We make the clouds with the help from Water.

I live with my best Air friend, Aura. She has beautiful aqua eyes and has blonde layered hair that passes her shoulders. She's the sarcastic one with a dirty mind. I'm also dirty-minded, but not as dirty as her. She's also freakin flexible, it kinda creeps me out... By the way, she's also active and really hyped.

I sleep on my soft bed, not wanting to get up. Then I felt a breeze under me, it felt nice... I started to feel like I was floating, but I didn't want to open my eyes.

"Oh for goodness sake, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!" I heard Aura yell.

I groaned. Then I opened my eyes a little, and I realized I was in mid-air!

"Aura! Put me down!" I demanded.

"Fine..." She said as she puts me down on my bed.

"Thank you." I say to her as I put on my glasses.

"Your welcome! Now, what do you want to do since we have day-offs?" She asked.

"I don't know, you choose while I eat. I'm hungry." I say as I go to the kitchen.

"Ok, try not to empty our fridge! I'll be in my room stretching." Aura said as she goes to her room.

I had a straight face before she left. I decided to eat eggs and bread. Once I cooked the eggs and ate breakfast, I go to my room and lay down on my bed. It's so comfortable!

While I was reading 'My Best Friend's Brother' for a few minutes, the door knocked.

"I'll get it!" I yelled as I walk to the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Friends from other elements!" It's Lana!

I opened the door and Lana, Lian, and Sylvia were there.

"Hey you guys! What's up?" I asked. "Come in."

They went inside and Lian said, "Just wanted to hang out, also, we still need to pick up Sela. Wanna come?"

"Ok. Let me just ask Aura something." I go into Aura's room and ask her, "I'll be with the girls, do you wanna come?"

"Another time, I have to practice a move." She says as she stretches.

"Ok then, see ya later!" I say leaving her room.

"Bye!" Aqua yells.

Then we left my house to go to Earth to pick up Sela.

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