Fire's Life

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•Lian's POV•

Welcome to the Fire element. Lian here and in this element is pretty hot.

Am I right?! Hehe...

Ok, so the Fire people have the power to make fire with their hands, have heat all over their bodies whenever they want to, and put ourselves on fire. If we want.

Our purpose here is to spread the warmth and heat to the elements, well, except for Water. We just boil their water whenever they need it.

The houses here are made of rocks and boulders. They're actually really comfortable. The reason why we have rocks as our houses is because the sticks and wood will just burn.

I live in the house with my best Fire friend, Ember. She has curly red hair that bearly pasts her shoulders with her bangs on the side. She has brownie eyes, I call them brownie because the color reminds me of chocolate brownies! She could be sassy, yet weird at times, but I love it when she does act like that. It makes my day in an instant!

So, since I have a day off today, I just laid down in bed reading 'Riley's Tale of the Opposite Gender.' These are special books that won't burn up, sooooo, I'm good.

"Lian!" Ember comes in yelling.

"Whaaat?!" I yelled back.

"I'm gonna go now!" She said.

"Wait, you don't have a day off today?" I asked.

"Nope." She said.

"Ha! Sucks." I say going back into the book.

"What?! Yours is today?!" She asked surprised.

"Yup." I say not taking my eyes off the book.

"Ugh, lucky, I'll see you later." Ember says as she leaves.

"Ok, bye!" I yelled.

"Bye!" I heard Ember yell before the door opens and slams shut.

I continue reading, then after a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I yelled as I walk to the door. "Who is it?"

"Your two Water friends!" It's Lana.

I opened the door and Lana was with Sylvia.

"Hey you guys!" I say to them.

"Wanna come with us to go get Mya and Sela, than hang out?" Sylvia asked.

"Sure. Let me put on the special clothes. Just wait inside." I say as I go to my room to put on my clothes. These special clothes keeps us Fire people really warm.

Once I finished, I left a note on the table for Ember, then we left to go to the element, Air.

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