Chapter 11: One on One

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Raven Silver

"We aren't sure how you've kept it a secret, but we'll find out. We always do." Fury stated plainly. I smirk at him, leaning back in my chair "Director Fury. Very few know who I am even within Hydra. They keep it in classified files."

Fury crosses his arms, twisting the subject "You lost your family didn't you? Harshly." I narrow my eyes yet added a nod. Fury leans against the table "I can almost guarantee you have a living relative. All I need is a name."

I frown up at him, crossing one leg over the other "Sir, I take it you've lost someone before. My name is of no importance. Names are masks to who we were in our past. My name is my own."

Fury groaned in frustration, storming out of the room. Stark walked in, chuckling in amusement. "Props Grandma. You have earned my permanent respect." I watched him through the shadow of my hood "And why is that Mister Stark?"

Stark strolls in casually, hands in his pockets "Anyone who can piss Fury off like that is awesome in my book." I offer a smirk as I reply "I'll take that as a compliment Stark. But might I ask your opinion?" He nods, leaning against a wall "Shoot kid."

I drum my fingers on the table "What would happen if I told Fury who I was? Would anything drastic happen in my limited schedule?" Stark shakes his head "Nah. Fury is just an asshole. So he's just putting up a stink. I'm sure if you told him he'd chill."

I nodded, standing up, my choices made. "See ya Stark." I went and sat in my room for a while. It was like an apartment. I had a small kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a small living room. I sat on my bed and stared at my feet as thoughts danced through my head.

I got bored of staring at my feet so I ran off to the gym. When I arrived I saw Rogers there. He was hitting a punching back so hard it flew off its chains. I strolled in casually, clapping slowly to get his attention. He looked over at me, cheeks a shade of crimson.

"Revenge? How long have you be-" I cut him off quickly "Long enough." His shirt stuck to him like a second skin, I think they said it was under armor. What ever that is. But it defined his muscles very well. My thoughts strayed as we stared at one another.

"Uh-" Rogers started awkwardly. "So what are you doing down here ma'am?" I chuckle at how polite he was "Well, Furys pissed I won't spill about my identity. So I thought I'd see who was down here."

Rogers nodded, leaning against a support beam "Uh huh. And how's that working out?" I shrug, rocking on the balls of my feet "It's more amusing than you'd think. The world knows who you are right?"

Rogers nods, a small blush tinting his cheeks "Yeah. They always have. Did the world ever know who you were?" I chuckle, my past haunting me "The last time I saw daylight I was a naïve child. Do you really think I was well known?"

Rogers frowned, looking at the floor momentarily "Taking children and forcing them into hell is low." I scoff in agreement "It's Hydra Rogers. What were you expecting from me? A warm fuzzy childhood filled with happy memories? Not all of us get that. You have no idea how great you have it. You have friends, people who care about you, your freedom, you even have Bucky. All I've got are scars, memories and a thirst to get revenge on Hydra. Heathen in my name I guess."

Rogers places a hand on my shoulder, shaking his head "You do have friends." Even though all he could see was my lips I raised my eyebrows "Really? You consider us more than comrades?" He nodded, completely serious "Really."

I looked at my hands and stated "Even as a child I had no friends. I was always different so to say. It is good to know I have one in this time." Rogers smiled kindly, something I wasn't sure I was capable of. "Well, after this is all over I'll show you around New York. We'll get food and go see movies-" I cut him off curiously "Movies?"

Rogers smiles "You have a lot to catch up on."

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