Jack's POV
"Aren is okay." The doctor says. I hear Anna sigh of relief. "But he is in a coma." He continued. Anna starts to cry again. "For how long?" Elsa asks. "Hard to tell." The doctor says. "Could be hours, days, weeks, even months, the longest it could be is year." I could hear Anna gasp.
Kristoff walked Anna out the room. "Thanks Doctor." He said while exiting.
"So Elsa," I say. "Yes." She answer. "When you were asleep, you kept murmuring words about Hans." She looks down at her feet. "Yeah, I kind of had a dream about him raping me," She says. "Trust me," She continues. "Dream me did not like it. But it felt so real."
"You know we didn't find you until half and hour when Aren got ran over." I say. "Really!" She exclaims surprisedly. "And Aren and I had been together an hour before that." I continue. "So I'm, just jumping to conclusions here, but maybe it was real, maybe Hans is back and he did rape you." "Hold up!" She yells sitting down. "What? That makes no sense, we banished him from the Kingdom. And why would he want me? What makes you say this?" I look at her with despair. "Because it was his carriage that ran over Aren."
Authors Note: Sorry if it's a short chapter.
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