Chapter 6

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Time skip

We waited for the last couple people to arrive then we decided to go back to my house. We got back to my house about 3. Only the 8 that were staying with me came to m house so they could get everything settled then we planned for everyone else to come by at about 4ish to do everyone who hasn't done a face reveal face reveals! All the guys picked who they were staying with then picked where hey wanted to stay. I went to my room and started getting ready. I sat on my bed because I am lazy and cheeked my phone. I had a text from bayani!

Baeyani😚☺️: hey beautiful! Remember no one knows! Not even H or Graser! They may be our best friends but this is just between us right now!

I text him back: 😍 agreed this is our secret for now!

I laugh and hear a knock on my door.
"Come in!" I yell!
In walked H!

"Sup!" He said jumping into my bed! "Why are you so happy?" He says with
a suspicious smile.
"What... Ugh.. What do you mean. I'm not!" I say trying to act cool!
"Yeah sure!" He said "honestly tho who?" He giggles right when he said that my phone buzzed I looked down:

Baeyani☺️😚: so what do you want us to be? 😍
I smile but then lock it when I see H trying to be nosey.

"Ohh who was that?" He says wiggling his eyebrows.
"I honestly do wish I could tell you but it's just not a good time!" I say looking down.
"Alright girl! Well I'll let you get ready, it your big face reveal day." He says getting up and walking out the door!
I checked my phone one last time before I got up. I decide to not text bayani yet just right it was 3:30 so I procrastinated a little longer than I was suppose to! I got undressed and got in the shower. Showered are my serenity place. It's where j can just think about life so I tend to stay in the shower for a long time. I finally got out and grabbed my phone it was 4:07 oops may have stayed in there a little to long. I wrapped my towel around me and put another on on my hair. I went into my closet to pick out what I wanted to wear.

Bayani's POV

Will And Ryan were all staying with me at my apartment. After picking them all up us three went back to my apartment we were going back to Riley's house at about 4. We just hung out at my apartment and got all there stuff settled then left at about 3:55 we pulled up to Riley's at 4:03 and went inside!
"Hey guys! What's up?" I ask. There are an assortment of hellos and gets coming from all of them.
"I'm gonna go to the restroom." I say making sure I saw someone go into the hall bath.
"Oh grape just went in there." Graser said.
"Ugh is cool I'll just go see if Riley's is empty." I say rushing down the hall making sure no one could say anything. I knock on her door and hear her ask;
"Yeah?" I didn't even answer before I opens the door shut it behind me.

Riley's POV

"Yeah!" I reply to the knock on my door.
There wasn't an answer but instead Bayani walks in and closes he door behind him. I had just came out of my closet and shut the door. He came in and pushed me up aging the closet door and kissed me. He kissed me aggressively, our lips moving perfectly in sync. We fell I onto the bed and kisses more, he was on the top of me resting one forearm on he bed and the other hand on my cheek. I wanted to so bad but in between kisses I whispered;
"We can't right now!" He kissed me again but I felt him smile. "I know! I just needed to since it may be a while until we get some time alone." He whispers!
He got up and helped me up! He walked for he bathroom and flushed the toilet. And then winked at me and walked out. Geez this guy.

Time skip
I finished doing my hair and makeup, and went out the living room, you would thing ya know they have only ever talked to each other over a computer that they may actually talk to each other when they get together, but you're wrong. Every last one of them was on their phone scrolling trough twitter. Before they noticed me I took a picture really quick and posted it to Twitter.

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