(Prologue) Before The Blackout

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Before the blackout everything was normal. Ben and Rachel Matheson woke up, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. When they were finished they got their kids, Charlie and Danny, ready for school. Rachel looked at Charlie and asked, "Do you know what today is?" Charlie shook her head. "Today is school picture day, so I want you to give them a big smile for the camera." When Rachel was done packing their lunch and Ben had dropped them off at school, they went to work at the Department Of Defense. They were supposed to make a device that would create power, however the outcome was the exact opposite. Instead of creating power it caused a small blackout like an emp. Their boss, Randall Flynn, then wanted them to replicate this on a bigger scale. They worked for months developing this device constantly running tests. When they finally finished their tests and had the device down to specifications and as small as possible, they started combining it with nano technology, finding a way to have it duplicate on its own. When the day came that Randall was going to activate the machine Ben and Rachel were prepared. They had secretly been working on the original idea to create power. Ben rushed home to Rachel and started packing. "It's happening isn't it?" She asked. Rachel got Charlie's and Danny's stuff packed while Ben downloaded the files he needed to a flash drive. He finished and put the flash drive into a necklace just as every thing went out. Rachel asked charlie, "Do you want to help me finish the ice cream?"
"Really?" Said Charlie.
"well the power is out and it's going to melt anyway." said Rachel. In the next few days the city fell into anarchy. They left the city to survive the raiders and scavengers but they had to stop back at the DOD for some supplies. Rachel went inside to grab some things. While she was gone Charlie was playing with a ball when it rolled away. A man showed up and stopped it but when Charlie tried to get it, he grabbed her ready to break her neck. "Please you don't have to do this" said Ben, "just give her back."
"I'm hungry, I just need food." said the man. Ben took out his gun an pointed it at the man who had taken the wagon that had their food in it. "Give that back or I will shoot you."
"No you wont." Said the man, "not in front of your kids." Ben put the gun down; Rachel was outside now and took the gun as the guy was walking away and shot him in the back.

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