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My eyes slowly flutter open when I hear the sound of a door closing. Startled I shoot up in my bed wondering where I was. It's a white room with lights everywhere. I try to get up but I am chained to the bed. After fighting with the chains for a while the door opens once again.  I had on only a small shirt and shorts that were quite dirty. As I was assessing the clothes I had on, two men came barging in on me and ordered me to come with them. Stumbling through a long corridor I look in multiple other doors and see many other people just like me. Some are more disturbing than others just like the exorcism. Being taken over by something, something from deep beyond the depths of hell.

Finally, at the end of the hallway I'm lead into what looks like a court room. I take a seat and wait for whatever is about happen. I look up and there is the orb, again.

"Artemis, you have been selected to be a hunter. Not only will your mortal life be gone, everyday your life essence will get stronger leading you to become closer and closer to immortal. While turning immortal you will discover new powers you were born with but just now finding out about yourself.  Some be will be more painful than others. When your powers surface they will leave a rune on your body. A sort of sign that symbolizes the new found power. Before you can become a hunter you must go through several trials. Do you accept this fate? If your answer is no, then you will be deleted from existence."

Taking that last remark into consideration I agree to whatever a hunter would do. Little did I know what was really in store for me.

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