The voice that killed me

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I wanna live to see the world.

   You don't deserve it girl.

I wanna kiss a boy in the rain.

   All he'll bring is pain.

But maybe he'll understand me.

   That I can't wait to see.

I've been tortured by you for so long.

   I've also never been wrong.

Maybe you are this time.

   If I am, I'll give you my last dime.

I just want to be okay.

   Too bad that won't be today.

I give up this one-sided fight.

   I bet I make you cry tonight.

Why do you want me dead?

   Is that what I said?

But you make me wanna die.

   Can you tell me why?

Because you see the secrets I want to hide.

   Maybe it'd be easier if you died.

Maybe you are right.

   What are you gonna do tonight?

I'm going to take an extra sleeping pill.

   Will that make the pain less real?

No, but it will make you go away.

   but only for today.

Maybe that's all I need.

   Maybe you just want to do the deed.

All I want is to be alone.

   Maybe tomorrow you'll be gone.

If I leave, will you go too?

  Of course I will. I'm part of you.

You are just an angry voice.

   Listening to me was all your choice.

So here I go, I'll die tonight.

   I promise you, it'll be alright.

I just want you to go.

   Maybe I will, you never know.

   SILENCE...nothing but sweet silence...

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