Nialls' P.O.V

i don't really want to tell emma about Sarah or 'my kid' . i don't know what she would think of me if i told her about my mess up back in 8th grade.i need to tell her i can't keep secrets from her especially since she just told me about her true past.i decided to tell her the truth about my past to.

"hey babe can you come here please."

i was sitting in our living room on the couch watching a football match. emma came into the room shorty after the match ended.

"whats up ni?"

i knew that voice she was worried and scared.

"well since you were so honoest about your past i thought id tell you about my past to."

she sat down next to me and i took hold of her hand.

"babe everything that im gonna tell you is in the past i have no conection with it anymore ok."

she nodded.i was scared to tell her but im still gonna tell her anyways.

"babe back when i was in 8th grade i accidently got an old friend pregnant.i only found out about this the other day so please don't be mad at me."

emma looked at me really confused.

"wa-how did she even find your number?"

"thats the thing i never gave my number to her i dont know how she got."

she sighed.

"so whats going to happen now?are you going to break up with me so you can go be with her and your kid,or what are you going to do?"

i dont want to leave emma i love her so much it would kill me to leave her.

Emmas' P.O.V

i dont know whether to cry or be mad or just not care.he got a girl pregnant? i really just needed to think about everything and be alone for awhile.

"well whatever you choose is up to you and ill be happy either way."

i said as i walked out of the house,it came out a bit meaner than i wanted it to be.

i got into my car and decided to go over to Harry and Louis' place to clear my head.once i got there i ran out of my car and into their house.

"hey,whats wrong em?" Lou asked me concerned.

"apparently niall got a girl pregnant back in 8th grade and she called him out of nowhere yesterday and told him about their kid and now i don't know if he's going to stay with me or leave me for her."

i said before my tears came spilling out.

"im sure niall wouldn't leave you for her.he loves you so much emma,and he'd never want to hurt you especially by leaving you."

after awhile i stopped crying and layed down on Louis' lap while he played with my hair.

"so where's harry?"

i asked sitting up.

"he had to run to liams for something not sure what though he wouldn't tell me.he just said that it was important.i trust him though.

"i smiled at how loving Louis looks whenever he talks about harry.

i stayed with Louis for a couple more hours till i started falling asleep.i got up off the couch and said goodbye to Louis and left his house.once i got home i noticed that mine and niall's bedroom light was on.

i went inside the house and walked to our room.i opened the door only to find a bunch of rose petals scattered around the room.


i heard footsteps from our closet and went over and opened the door.

when i opened the door i came face to face with a naked niall.

"niall w-why are you n-naked?"

he walked towards me making me back into the bed.once i was at the bed niall gave me an evil smirk.

"i want to prove to you that i love you and only you.i want you to feel how much i love you."

and with that he gave me a gentle push and i fell onto the bed.

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