Chapter 3

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Luke was coming by at 1 to give me singing lessons before I practice with the other 5sos members.

I started out by taking a shower.

Don't even ask how I did that with Luke's body.

While waiting for Luke I checked his twitter. And yes, I switched twitter with the legendary Luke Hemmings, YOU MUST BE JEALOUS.


I don't even have the guts to change my clothes so I didn't.

While I waited for the meet up time I checked Cecil's twitter.

Its hard to believe that even though she quitted the band she still got so many attention. They are comments that says she's a beauty, asking why she quitted, she got an amazing voice, etc.

Now all of those were true, but don't get me wrong there's some part of me that hated her.

When it was the time to go I went out of her house and went to mine.


Once Luke arrived we started to practice some of his new songs, one of them was She Looks So Perfect. I actually knew the song so it would be a piece of cake.

"Is it Hi or Hey?" I asked actually wondering about it.

Luke stared at me for awhile and finally replied: "Try a mixture of both!"

I replied with a giggle and tried the song.


"Amazeball!" Luke laughed which made me laughed too. "I was just kidding, just sing whatever you think is right." Luke shrugged, making me grin.


Simmer down, simmer down,

They said we're too young now to amount to anything else.

But look around, We work too damn hard for this just to give it up now.

If you don't swim, you'll drown

But don't move, honey.

Luke was staring at me the whole time I sing.

God dammit it must be horrible.


Holy mother of... her voice was like an angle.


OMFG LITERALLY SORRY GUYS :( This sucks because I have writer's block so this chapter was in a rush xc So Im soooo sorry its so short guys I'll promise the next one will be better ;( Love ya, xoxo - Amanda

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