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Braelyn walked through the old iron gates to her victorian home. Home at last, she thought sarcastically. She wondered to herself, what will happen this time? Will mother take another frying pan to my head? Will father take another take at choking the life out of me? Death would be a sweet relief. If only, if only by some accident, they'd accidentally kill me...she walked through the kitchen, hoping to make a quick escape to the attic door, which was her room. She slept in the attic, because her family had forced her there. But instead her mother, father, and brother were sitting at the table, apparenty waiting for her.

"Braelyn. Sit." her mother said.

She remained standing.

"Or stand. Your choice. We got a call from your school. You've been skipping classes, and vandalizing school property, and smoking weed in the school parking lot. What has gotten into you?" her father said.

Her mother walked over to the counter, picked up a knife, and started chopping carrots.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you guys even see how you treat me? You drive me crazy, to no end, you make me wish all the beatings you give me would just kill me already so I won't have to live another day, afraid of what the next day will bring! You are all so damn full of yourselfs, you don't even care how I feel, or what you do to me."

Her mother looked up, and knife in hand, walked over to Braelyn, waving it in her face.

"You are a disgrace to this family. If you want to die so badly, then so be it."

Her mother swung the knife towards Braelyn, just missing her neck as Braelyn ducked. She kicked the knife out of her mother's hands, and caught it after she dropped it. Just as quickly, Braelyn kicked her mother so she was on her knees. 

"You make me sick." Braelyn sneered, and sliced her mother's throat, a thin trickle of blood, and her mother fell to the floor, slowly breathing, and slowly dying.

Braelyn charged towards her father, and slammed his back against the wall, despite his struggles, and plunged the knife into his heart, killing him instantly. Then she looked at her brother, his pleading eyes, begging for his life. She smirked, and cut his fingers off, then sliced his neck and stabbed him in the stomach. She looked at her bloody, dying family and smiled to herself.

"So this is what happiness feels like." she said out loud to herself.

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