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wendy and i

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Before all of this madness I was in love her name was wendy and she was my lover we stuck together like glue. She was like no other she was the one person who actually got me. And just like that he took her. In the early days of my reporting I was the writer for the cooking colum and because I couldnt and always will cook like shit I needed something more. But wendy kept me grounded she kept me sane,but the closest I could get was an interview with sister jude of the briarclif manor house of the criminally insane. Anyway they had a bakery there and I was sent to do a report on it. I got there and the first person I see is a woman named pepper she had a rose and ran over to me.

" play with me" she said and then another lady came over a nun she looked way younger.

"Pepper leave the lady alone"

"Oh no its okay she just wants to play shes harmless really"

"Oh no madem shes anything but harmless she drowned her sister's baby and sliced his ears off".

I moved back a few inches before pepper ran off and the nun turned to me.

" you must be miss lana winters hi im sister mary unice sister jude is waiting for you I have been instructed to lead you to her office"

"Okay that would be wonderful thank you". She lead me up to where I met sister jude it was the day I first saw what hell looks like when I got home the first thing I saw was my true love siting at the table smoking pot.

"Getting high before dinner are we"

"Its the only thing that makes your food taste good"

" why do you think I never eat it"

Everything started with wendy and everything ended with her.


Ok so that was the first installment of maniac and I hope you liked it the story of lana winters is a roller coaster and I want to tell it and although I will never forgive her for killing the astonishing Dr threadson he was my favorite character in season two I don't care how bad he was made out to be he was hot and I love him so if there are some of the facts are not the way they happened to u its because thats the way it happened to me also I will be redoing when Lana meets sister jude I just thought wendy deserved a chapter dont u love u bye

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