***Brooklyns POV***

"Claudia I'm sorry" she stared out the window showing no sign of emotion. "Please, I only wanted to help" "if you wanted to help you would have just done as I asked not to tell anyone but no" She turned to face the window again.

We pulled up outside the hospital and Claudia was taken to do some tests with Steph. I sat down and waited. I was hungry and thirsty so I got a drink and a packet of quavers out of the vending machine. I opened the packet of cold quavers and took a sip of my warm drink. Great. I put them aside and waited for Claudia to come back. Steph came out and was on the phone to whom I thought was Claudia's mum. She put the phone down and scanned the room to find me. She walked over. "She's been taken to a private ward. There was something on her tests that was unusual about her calorie intake so they are going to keep her in for a while to see how she's doing but you can go and see her if you want" "I don't think she wants to see me" I said staring at my hands. "Brooklyn don't beat yourself up about it. If it wasn't for you she still could've been in this mess and she's always like this so don't think it's only you she's always like this it's just her way of hiding her feelings, okay?" I stood up and she put her arm around my shoulder and rubbed my arm and guided me to Claudia.

She was lying in a bed with a drip in her arm on he phone. She looked up from her phone to see who it was and the looked back down. "I'll give you to some time alone" Steph said walking away.

"Claudia, what can I possibly do to make it up to you?" "Do one" I shook my head and got up and went to walk away "wait" I turned around. "I'm sorry Brooklyn, I become a bitch when I'm upset or scared I guess it's jut my way of hiding it." I sat back down on the chair next to her. "you don't even have to hide it from me, cry if you want I don't care" she looked away. "I can't I don't even know you, I only know your name I just can't open up to you" She said "okay well answer all my questions." she looked at me with an arched eyebrow. "are you for real?" she questioned me "yup, you go first" she sighed

"okay, Full name, favourite colour, Favourite football team, favourite drink/food and age and birthday and siblings and their ages" right let's do this. "Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Red, Arsenal, pizza, caramel frappe, 15, 4th March 1999 and 2 younger Brothers, Romeo 12 and Cruz 10 and 1 younger sister Harper 3."

I thought of my questions quickly "Full name, favourite colour, dance role model, favourite drink/food, age, birthday and siblings and their ages." she thought for a while. "Claudia Sophia Longoria" she's a Longoria? "Purple, I have a few role models, Chicken Fajitas when I wasn't bothered about my weight and Chocolate cream frappe, 15, 15th July 1999 and 2 sisters, Layla 12 and Harley 9 and 1 brother Lucas 4" she smiled. "now we know eachother better" I smirked. "ye"

***Claudia's POV***

I suppose I was a little harsh on him I suppose he was only trying to help. Oh and did I forget to mention he's a friking Beckham. How did I not know his face our Moms are pretty close but I have never met them.

Brookynn was telling me awful jokes and while I was laughing he started a new one "where do pirates shop for t-" "Claudia Longoria?" A doctor said walking through ye door. "Ye that's me" I raised my had a little. "we have your test results back and I'm afraid your suffering from an illness which is defeatable i may add" Wait what, how can I have an illness, I was fine dancing and doing my own thing. "I'm afraid you have Anorexia Nervosa" My whole word just crumbled and more than anything I was angry with myself and Melanie.

"no your lying to me I'm not anorexic" I screamed. "It's all her fault" I cried angrily "I shouldn't have let her get to me the stupid... stupid bitch" I screamed "Claudia it will al be fine" the doctor reassured me "no... no it wont. Do you know how this will affect my family and our status. Everyone will know me as Eva Longoria's daughter who has anorexia. Do you know how this will affect my career who wants to hire a dancer who has anorexia. No one" I finally broke down. Brooklyn slid his hand over mine. "we can get through this" he said squeezing my hand. I looked out the window as the doctor walked out the room. "Claudia Look at me. Promise me you'll be brave" "I Promise but only if you promise never to leave my side" Our little fingers intertwined "I promise"

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