chapter 10

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I wince at the cold shower turning it up! I belt out the words to heart of fire by black veil brides and rinse my hair. Then I stand and wait letting the warm soapy water flow over my body.I wash away everything that happened last night.  The girl,the party,the money.everything! Then I climb out the shower and get dressed I smile to myself as I walk into the kitchen and begin to make Breckfast. I pull out the pancake batter and the saucepan. I flick on the next song and being singing louder then before. Just as I flip the pancake John calls

"you dude where amazing last night!  Look at you getting a girl in 1 hour!  How was it?!" he yells down the phone

" how was what? " I ask

" the sex?!"

We talk for half an hour before I hang up and eat my pancakes.Half way through the day someone knocks at the door. I open it and see the girl I had a good time with

" hi babe " she says sweetly her top hangs low and her breast are showing

" oh hi, " I say I must have been really drunk to even think about her

" can I come in? " she mutters innocently and suddenly I think of Emily I don't know why

" oh right Sure come in " I say letting her in she makes herself at home

" I'll make tea " I say but she jumps up and pushes past me

" I'll do it! "

" oh ok" I sit down in the living room and 5 minutes later she walking in with two steaming hot teas. She hands it to me and sits down.

" so... " I say taking a sip

" well I really liked last night " she mutters blushing

" oh right " I say talking more. It tastes funny but I keep drinking. My head beings to spin and my eyes go funny

" woah " I say putting down my tea my hands begin to go numb and I feel sick

" it's ok babe "

" what? "

" just sleep " and with that I black out

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