Chapter 3

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Bella's POV

Evergreen?! I thought wildly. What is she doing hanging around here? I would have expected a main charactrer or something! I stared at Evergreen's face, unbelieving that there was anyone here. I certainly didn't expect to come face to face with any Fairy Tail members, much less someone as powerful as Evergreen. This was the best moment of my life!

Normal POV

"Who might you be?" Evergreen questioned, raising her eyebrow. "I don't believe I've seen you around here before."

Bella swallowed nervously, and mumbled "Bella. I'm, ah.... not from around here." She fidgeted, hoping Evergreen wouldn't question EXACTLY where she was from, or how she even got here because honestly, Bella had no idea.

"And how did you manage to run into those nasty men?" Evergreen began to brush her clothes off, wringing dust out of her hair.
How the heck was she supposed to say? Oh, I just popped over to an imaginary world in my sleep where everyone's supposed to be speaking Japanese.
"I-I saw them kick down the door and I thought I should see what was up." Bella stammered, nervously tucking her hair behind her ears. 

"That's noble of you." Evergreen looked at her suspiciously, and Bella swallowed, tasting blood. Her nose injury suddenly remembered, she groaned and clutched at her face. "Wait, you're hurt!" 

Evergreen knelt worriedly over her. "Did they do that to you?" 

Bella shook her head, then mumbled "It was my fault." 

Evergreen gave her a handkerchief, then stood up. "We might as well get you to Porlyuscia and get that cleaned up. Then you can tell me a little more about that dark guild."

Bella pressed the handkerchief to her nose tightly, wincing as more blood poured from her face injury. "It hurts." She muttered, walking after Evergreen out of the disgraced guild hall, carefully stepping over pieces of rubble. 

"It's going to." Evergreen kept walking, not bothering to look back at the girl following her to see if she was keeping up. She had always been a bit....snotty that way. Or self righteous. Or perhaps both; Bella couldn't keep up with her own thoughts as she stumbled after the mage. 

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