Chapter Two

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I felt a smirk in my face the moment I noticed every was staring at me and the guys were glaring. Some shook their heads. As I made my way down the hall I noticed that a blond had her back towards me, my lip twiched but I got my smirk back on as soon as I saw the girl standing next to her.

Damn she's hot!, I thought.

I had to stop walking so I could check her out. She was tall and had big boobs and blue eyes that looked pretty but then her friend turned around, without looking at me, and pulled her away. Before she left I winked at her and she blushed. I heard her say something to her friend and the girls responded with a mean comment. Thoughts immediately ran through my mind.

Who is she? Why didn't she stare at me?, I felt a little hurt to be honest but I could care less. Either she was lesbian or she was blind. I heard the bell ring and I found the office right away since it was a small school. As I walked in I saw the blonde girl there the lesbian one. I talked to the secretary who blushed and I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Yes, um this is Grace she'll be showing you around" the lady said.

"Hi, I'm Grace" she said shaking my hand.

"Josiah" I said.

She quickly let go of my hand and I saw her wiping her hand on her jeans. She gave me a fake smile which I could easily tell since I did that too, but I just rolled my eyes at her. I turned around and walked our the door with her behind me. Once we were alone I tried to talk to her.

"So, Grace" I said.

She looked at me and then rolled her eyes.

"You're impossible" I mumbled.

She chuckled "I'm impossible because I don't fall before you?"

What she said took me back, I had to blink a couple of time and she noticed it.

"What's the matter, did I hurt you ego?" She had a smirk.

I walked over to her so that I was closer to her. She smelled like vanilla and I loved. She stepped away from muttering something.

Was I about to kiss her?

"So I'm just going to give you a tour of this amazing school then walk you to your class and then I leave" she said stepping in front of me so she could lead the way.

"Leave? Where?" I blurted out.

"The office" she said.

She started to walk again and she had her back towards and was talking but I was to busy checking her out. She had blonde hair that was in a side braid, some dark jeans that made her butt look big, but not as big as her friend's, and she had a white shirt that hugged her and you could see her figure and her boobs weren't that big but they weren't that small either. And she was beautiful. She full pink lips that when she didn't talk they formed a little 'o' in the center. Her eyes were the things that attracted me the most, which was weird since I was attracted to boobs or the butt, but with her it was her eyes. They were so blue that it reminded me of the ocean, but then they would change into a lighter shade of blue. They were so beautiful that I just wanted to stare at her and admire her beauty, but that wasn't it I wanted her.

"Do you have a boyfriend" I blurted out for the second time.

"Yes" she said.

The thought of her being in someone else's arms made me angry. I wanted to kill the guy for being with her and being able to kiss her. I wanted to make conversation but I could tell that she didn't like me so I just let it go. I mean I could easily get over her there were more girls at this school, and I was going have some fun tonight.


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