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"Alice Alice please help thee

Ten tall men are chasing me"

I ran for my life, from these godless men

Who wanted my life for stealing a hen

I was poor, I cried, I had three sons to feed,

Our soils were dead and we had no seed.

My poor boys, one of four one three and one two

I can not feed a sorrowfully rue.

And one day I come across

A farm full of hens and cocks

Plump and fat were they and their young

A taunting song it seemed they sung.

So in the dead of night, I snuck into the farm

Of none I meant to harm.

I searched though the farm silent

Hoping I some luck god lent.

I found one, fat and lame,

Without things would remain the same.

I snapped it's neck, with only a snap

And then I produced to travel back.

Before I made to my sons

A loud sound made cold my blood run.

The farmer and his hands, came running after me.

Only hatred and anger in their eyes I could see.

Six with knives, three with maces

"one with a hammer with silver faces

Alice Alice please save my head

For these ten tall men want it dead"

And as I cried my cries of help

Came from the shrubs a hellish whelp

And behind the fearsome hound

I saw that my salvation was found

There stood Alice, with her moon curved bow

Slung on her back, a quill arrows

Her hair the color of snow, her skin pale as milk

Her eyes brights and happily, a voice smooth as silk.

Upon her head sat a hat, woven of reeds

Around her neck were blood red beads.

Her had the body of a maid, but the face of a crone

From her an godly light seemed to shone.

Before the first man had time to act,

She sent an arrow straight through to his back

On the next two she sent her bitch

Who tore them to shreds in a snitch

The next man came, his knife held high

As Alice sent her arrow through his eye

As one, trousers moist, tried to run free

Alice shot an arrow though his knee

Half lay died, half still alive,

Alice stared down with her eyes

They shone like emeralds in the light on the moon

And I knew death for these men came soon

Quick as a whip, the loaded her bow

And that's when they knew, they werethey were to reap what they sow

Like a flash of lightening, one men was down

With an arrow thought the head, she gave him a bloody crown

The next two, I must confuse, were hard to see

For them there lay arrows where their manhood should be

The next one was quick, and in the blind of an eye,

The pup ripped out his throat before he could make a sound.

Lastly there stood, the man with the hammer

His eyes full of rage as he begun to should slanders

"came at me you slut, I'll make you feel remorse

When I'm done with you, I'll fuck you corpse".

And with a slight grin, her last arrow her drew back

"dear sir, I see manner you lack.

If I were to kill you, I'd merely ado.

I'd tell you not, with your corpse I'd do.

You see, it is my job

To protect the young, the weak and the odd".

And with those last few words she said,

She sent her arrow though his head.

As he fall to the ground in a heap.

I hear a chuckle that she peeped.

"but it is fun, I must confuse

Seeing men be made fools, oh it's the best.

Steal from them their, strength, their dignity and pride

Nothing else remains inside.

So take away their breath

I must confuse it is the best.

To end their, lives, it brings me bliss

But dear souls I am not a sadist.

I merely like to see justice done

That part, I find fun.

A vigilantly I be, a highway man I not

From the poor I don't prey, for they I've fought".

It was then, she looked at me

Her eyes emeralds, a beautiful green sea.

"dear traveler, I hope I've helped thee.

And safe from harm I hope you be".

I looked at her, eyes full of tears

For sobbing I fear I was near.

She smirks a smile, and tilted her hat

And she and her hound were gone, just like that.

My life saved, food for my boys to eat

What Alice had done, was an amazing feat.

A smiled play on my face as I start walking

A small song I begin to sing.

"Alice alice, I thank thee

Your kind soul has saved me".

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