Chapter Twenty-nine

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Chapter Twenty-nine


Diana’s Pov

We were back to the place we had stopped when were with Mark and Tessa. The only light illuminating our way is with the help of the moon and stars. It wasn’t completely silent as the sound of crickets cricketing filled my ears.

My fingers formed to a gesture signalling James to go check the other routes. Positioning myself under a bush, I took a glimpse at the hut.

James was still there a questioning look was on his face. “They said there are only two faculties searching. Why would the other waste their time in here when they know students won’t come this far?” He said, lowering his voice.

“James, not for the game. I’m telling you about the people who are guarding the hut.” I shooed him away. “Now go.” He nodded and disappeared into the dark.

I continue to observe the building, absorbing the details as much as I could. From my perspective, there were no lights open in there and I sigh in relief. Good, this plan would have been put to waste if there are people in there.

Ten minutes later, James came back to my side. My head whipped to look at his face only to see worry lines edging on his forehead. His sweat was rolling down on his face and his eyes were looking around frantically to make sure no one followed him back.

“They are everywhere.” James said in a whisper. “We should retreat.” He suggested. He had a point. We were greatly outnumbered, from the look James was giving off, he wasn’t exaggerating at all.

My hands landed on his shoulder and gave a light squeeze. “I’m going in.”

“What?!” He whisper shouted. “I know you’re crazy, but what you’re doing is really crazy!”

My lips twitched in amusement. “I always thought you were a risk taker.” I let go of him and turn my head to the direction of the building.

“I…” He took a deep breath to calm himself down. “I’m just worried about you.”

I could have laughed out loud but resisted the tempting action. “James, James, James.” I repeated his name while tsk-ing. “Have you forgotten who I am?”


“I’ll survive.”

This time, he was the one gripped my shoulders. His eyebrows narrowed at me. “They’re guarding that hut for a reason. You come closer, you’re dead.”

I returned his glare with my own. “And I’m called Satan’s Assassin for a reason. I wasn’t trained to play it safe.”  His gaze soften and he let me go. “And besides,” I added giving him a smirk. “Haven’t you noticed no one is guarding in this particular spot? It would have been the perfect guard point since it’s the closest one to the building.”

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