No Hope

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"Freak," Potter spits at me, Black hesitates, "Tell me, it's now or never," he says, firmly. Potter's eyes widen in surprise.

I pause to think, "Never," I say. I turn away by a punch sends me flying.

"Freak, you don't even deserve my help," Black hisses, I press against the wall, shaking.

"Come on James," he says, leaving me in a state of sheer panic. What will he do next?

The end of the year comes quickly, however. My grades are good, thankfully, and no one seems to suspect anything. Though my life, thanks to the bullying, is terrible.

My life wasn't as bad as it was after I got the letter, though.

One week before the end of the year I was by the,lake when an owl flew up to me, dropped a letter and left.

I opened it with trembling fingers.

Dear Miss Jones,

Your father was found in his house, yesterday, oblivated. After more Investigations we discovered he had, Indeed, oblivated himself. He removed all memories except for one, your Mother. I'm sorry but he no longer remembers you as his daughter. The letter enclosed was found addressed to you, lying by his side. We have not read it as it is not ours. If he hasn't arranged for a new home for you contact us immediately.

Your sincerely

S.T. Mungos hospital

P.S. If you wish to see him he is in ward 7, fourth floor.

I dropped the letter. Hands shaking, I opened the other one, wondering if it would be like Mum's.

Dear Scarlett,

I am sorry I did this to you, I had no choice. I didn't want you to suffer anymore than you have already. I've been a horrible father, the loss of you mother and brother hit me hard. I can't and couldn't cope. And you look so much like her. Your are your mothers miniature and it hurt to see you and remember her. I love and loved you, never forget it.

Your Father, Liam Jones.

P.S Read your mother's emergency letter, it will tell you where to go.

I didn't even know he knew about Mum's letter, I didn't know he cared.

The last week of term is hard for me. I manage to keep grades up, but that is all I can do. I faint constantly, form lack of food, but keep that hidden. On the train ride I read my fathers letter again, letting it sink in.

I close my eyes. I am desolate. I have no hope.

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