Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Chapter Twenty-eight

Diana’s Pov

When we took another route we were lucky no teacher was on the lookout in this spot. And as we get nearer we saw small hut starting to appear in our line of sight.

But then I stop.

Taking out my phone, I typed a few words before showing to them. ‘We should go back.’

“What? Why?” Mark whines like a little kid who was has to go home. Tessa nudged him, a frightened look starting to form on her face. “Fine.” He mumbled disappointedly with a pout.

James felt it too as he continued to stare at the small building, a frown edging on his face. I bump him in the shoulder with mine and mouthed him we’ll be coming back.

The four of us went back to the direction of where we came from, but not before I cast another glance to the direction of the hut.

Something was wrong. And we can’t risk it taking these two, Tessa and Mark, with us.

“Where have you been?” Demanded Xavier when he spotted us. And just a second there, I thought he was avoiding eye contact with me.

I frown when I noticed tiny blood stains on his shirt. (Hunters where trained to notice even the tiniest of things) And also the fact that he had fresh scratches on his knuckles but was starting to heal. But I shrug it off and let my frown drop to a poker face.

Mark was the first one to answer Xavier’s question. “We went for a bathroom break.” He grins sheepishly.

He arches his eyebrows and crosses his arms. “Together?” Xavier mused.

Chuckling nervously, Mark could only scratch his neck. “Something like that…” He mumbles. Suddenly, Tessa roughly pushed Mark making him almost lose his balance.

“That’s disgusting Mark!” Tessa scrunches her nose before rolling her eyes. “Why are we even hiding this from him anyway?” She then turns to Xavier, beaming at him. “We were just off to clean the environment.”

I wanted to face palm and James chuckles behind me.

Xavier was about to press for more before he was interrupted by the sudden high volume of our surroundings.

“Yes, we’re finally leaving!” James grins as he throw his fist in the air. But then oh so suddenly, the smile in his face and his fist drops slowly in unison. “How are we going to get down?” He really does hate climbing.


“We could have just stayed up there.” James said, regret in his tone and all of us agreed. After we went down, we went to grab our lunches that was distributed by the faculty. And after that, we were stuck with a two hour lecture about someone’s life that we barely even care.

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