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After 5 minutes listening a lecture from my mother and Jade about how rude I have been with my boss I had to take his royal breakfast to his office.

I snorted while the elevator took me to the top floor of the Hotel where was Leonardo's office.

The elevator doors opened and I looked to the desk that was close to the office and a woman looked at me with a look suspicious.

Ironically I smiled to her and said in a friendly tone.

"I am bringing Mr. Montenegro's breakfast. Where I have to leave?"

She smiled at me mischievously as if she knew something that I didn't know and I raised my eyebrows, getting irritated with the silence of this woman. Strangely enough the woman gave me an air of confidence and security, but her smiling that way it's beginning to intimidate me.

"It is ahead, Mr Montenegro is waiting for you. Be comfortable."

I nodded and I went slowly to his office. Before knocking I swallow and then I knocked twice.

I heard a hoarse "Come in" and I slowly open the door. When I entered I was shocked to see the size of that room. I could put two bedrooms there. The walls were all painted in black and the front of the office had giant windows that showed the city. In front of the mirror was a dark wood giant desk that was full of papers and a laptop in the middle. The rest of the office was quite simple with a huge white carpet that covered almost the entire floor of the office, two sofas in each wall and some chairs in front of Leonardo's desk.

Behind the desk I saw a huge office chair facing the window. I decided to walk silently and put the tray on the table and causing him to not notice.

"Amy I have already said that I don't want-" the chair turned and I found the beautiful eyes of Leonardo. I was caught in those grey eyes and we didn't say anything.

I look to the ground and then I started to put the hot chocolate and cake that Leonardo used to eat in the morning in his table.

"Dani, it's you. I was thinking that you were not coming."

"Danielle, not Dani. Here is your breakfast Mr Montenegro. Can I help you with anything else?" I tried to be as polite as possible because I didn't want to hear another lecture from my mother.

"Thank you Dani. What I really needed I don't think you'll give me."

I rolled my eyes, if that was an attempt to make conversation and irritates me he won't be successful.

"So if there is nothing I can do, I will leave. With your permission, Mr. Montenegro"

I nodded and turned my back to his office exist. My job here was done.

"Leonardo, call me Leonardo" I heard Leonardo humming.

I had to resist looking one last time to him before leaving. Those grey eyes were not leaving me head, and I wanted to go back inside. I wanted to go back, to shout at him, to upset him, calling him names ... and see those eyes.

As soon I was out of his office I sighed heavily and my feet seemed heavier than previously.

"Goodbye Danielle."

I turned around and saw that the secretary who had told me the way to Leonardo's office. I carefully looked at her and smiled.

"Goodbye humm ..." I felt ashamed because I didn't know her name..

"Amy, call me Amy" she said to me smiling kindly.

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