Ash O'Freakin Collins

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The week had gone by without any message from Ash. I tried to reach out with a simple hello, but I got no reply. It's not like I've been constantly checking my phone for any notification from him pfft no. He hasn't even seenzoned me yet so I guess that's a good thing.

The school is literally a jungle of wild excited teenage students with red and white paint messily plastered on their faces. It's much more chaotic than the usual since it's finally "Game Day" and while everyone's hyped about it, I'm utterly exhausted from just getting mauled by their disgusting sweat and random chest bumps.

After some bending and quick running, I finally get in my last class and settle down in my seat. I got lost in a trail of my own world, thinking of ways to get away from seeing the game. I hate sports and it's not because I'm not athletic. Okay maybe it's because of that but that doesn't really matter, right?

"Hey Ali! Excited for the game?"

I turn around and see Audri with the biggest grin she could muster. Why am I not surprised.

"Oh em gee Aud! I can't wait to see fab cheerleaders clad with really short skirts! Oh and how can I forget the hot jocks who'd be kicking and running around with those hot tights like woahhhh girl! Totes excited."

Trust me, I have no idea how I even did that. But I guess Audri's excitement dumbed her off for not recognizing my hardworked sarcasm.

"Oh my goodness, we are definitely goin' early since it's your first time! Eeeeep, I'm so happy you're so thrilled!"

I laughed and just nodded my head. I love Aud and I didn't want to ruin her fun. Class starts and all I could think about is Ash. It sucks to actually like him. I don't even know how I began liking him. I blame it all on his good looks and charming compliments. He's got me wrapped around his finger like a burrito for crying out loud. What if he'd finally respond to me while I'm at the game? What if he'd stop talking to me and think that I'm mad at him for some unknown reason. I don't know. I'm all new to this "liking" thing.

"It's such a great afternoon and giving you a surprise test would be even greater!"

Miss Montes says as she gathers her things while we all groan in frustration. She waves us off as she distributes her papers by column.

"But, I'm not that bad of a teacher so I'm sending you off early with some short homework of course. Enjoy the game and don't do stupid things like not doing your homework. See you all at the game!"

Everyone's cheering like mad and I'm grinning myself. Audri grabs my hand and is practically dragging me with so much determination to get us good seats in the bleachers. Ha, can't wait!


"He's number 13 and he'll be amazingly great, I'm sure of that! Oh and remember to cheer for our team this time, Audri."

Chloe reaches out and stops Audrianna from jumping too high out of her "hard core school spirit". They both dive into the world of football and talk about how cute football player's butts are. I look to the right to see Chandler with a mouthful of popcorn and holding a half eaten corndog.

"That's just so disgusting you pig."

"Yeah, says the girl who eats like a whale."

"You did not just call me fat!"

He ruffles my hair and smiles with bits of popcorn falling from his mouth. How attractive.

A loud horn cuts us all off indicating that the game's about to start.

"Hey, I still have no idea who we're going on against."

"Awwwe, lil Montgomery is actually interested on football"

I shove Chandler and tries to ask Chloe but another loud horn echoes through the stadium. I swear, I'd go down from my seat and knock whoever's doing that with Chandler's corndog. Half-eaten corndog.

"Hello Oakrid--"

I can barely hear the man speaking because of the overwhelming noise and loud banging of the drums.

"It's finally starting! GO DANNY!"

I try to cover my ears from the piercing voice of Chloe. Everyone's out of their seat while I choose to just stay comfortably seated. I tune out the noise and grab my phone from my back. I steal a glance at my friends to see them distracted by the game.

I nearly dropped my phone when I saw two messages on my phone. Call me crazy, but I was filled with warmth that's constrasting the cold weather we were having. I hastily open them and my heart skips a beat as I read them.

Ash O'Collins
Hey, you there? I'm so sorry! I got too busy with my sport and barely had any time for social medias. Don't get mad, okay tomato?

Ash O'Collins
You're probably sleeping, I'm still getting used to the different timezones thinh. Anyway, I have a game tonight and I wish you could send me a goodluck? Ttyl :)

I was about to respond when I was suddenly grabbed and I found myself standing up and nearly losing my balance.

"You're missing it all, Ali! They're almost done introducing the players!"

Audri frantically shakes me with my shoulders and holds myself tighter.

"It doesn't really matter. I can't even really see them!"

The buzzing interrupted us and I roll my eyes clearly out of annoyance. I can barely hear anything although we did have really good seats. I just had to think of random excuses to get me out of Audri's wrath. We're not even gonna win anyway. I know, I should get "The most active and supportive Oakridge student" for being so enthusiastic about this most awaited game!

The cheers got louder and I looked to see what caused such different commotion.

I nearly choked on my own saliva when I see who was the cause of it all.

Ashton. O. Freakin. Collins.


I HATE TO SUCK BUT I'M NEVER REALLY GOOD AT THIS HAHAHA. A lot has given up on this but thank you so much for still sticking around :) I'll be updating again once I get 20 views and 5 stars. Everything's happening so fast and I didn't even edit this. I just typed and published so please do point out my errors if you must. Thank you ❤️

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