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So this story has nearly finished, I know, I'm crying too. :(
But I'll be writing a new one soon. It might be about harry styles or something, I don't know. But hey.

I'm going to miss writing this, its been fun.

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Here it is,
*Ellen's POV*

"Hey sir!" I say as I head into the science block for my det.

"Ellen, be quiet and sit down!"


I plonk myself down on a chair and tap my fingers against the desk.

I hope I can leave as early as possible.

I sneakily text my mum saying I'll be late.

"What are you doing?" He says precariously.

"On my calculator," I say.

"Oh yeah," he says thinking that I can't prove myself because people have there calculators in their bags.

I draw out my calculator and he looks dismayed.

"You can keep it," he says.

That was close.

"Alright you can go," he says. I leave before he changes his mind.


*Daniels POV*

I see Ellen walking to the car smiling and jumping in.

"What took you?" I say.

"I had a det" she says sukily.

"Sleeping in class?"

"Yep, how'd you know?"

"I know you," I say and wink.


After the premier we decided to go to a pasta place.

She orders bolgnese and I order carbornara.

"Dan, " she says.


"My dad is coming back tomorrow from his TV contest."

"Mmmm" I say not knowing where this was leading.

"Well, he won," she says awkardly.

"That's great! What's so bad about that?" I say happiliy but dreading what was coming next.

"The family go to an island for weeks in luxury quality, I won't see you for 5 weeks," she says and bursts into tears.

Oh no. I say going all upset and flushed. I comfort her even though I need comforting.

"Ellen we can always Skype,"

"Its not the same."

"I know,"

Ellen pauses. Then jumps up.

"You can come too! Its for a family which is usually 4 people!!"

"I could, but you'd need to check, I mean in case you're parents don't want me on the trip,"

"I'm sure they will,"

We both grin.

That's saved that problem.

I just love her so much.

Aww! One chapter to go.
Hope you enjoyed this chappie.
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