Something New

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- I feel my demons misleading me -

When I woke up I had a massive headache.

Well done Daphne! I told myself.

I tried to turn around but I was caged in Nic's arms. Oh well could have been worse. I was actually happy about that, because I also could have been waking up when someone found me laying in the bushes because I couldn't get my drunken ass home by myself.

So I tried not to move and wake him.

I stared at him while he was laying there in my bed. His arms around me and his head leaning on my shoulder. I couldn't see his face properly because of the postition we were lying in but I just enjoyed it. His chest getting up and down with his steady breath.

He looked gorgeous and I couldn't help myself from touching his cheek slightly and brushing my fingertips through his hair. That was when the rythm of his breathing changed and he woke up.

First he looked at me puzzled but smiling.

"Morning." He said with a rough morning voice.

"Morning." I answered.

"You know staring at people when they're asleep is creepy?" He asked.

I chuckled. "Yeah I know, but I couldn't help it." I said and blushed. Well shit. I hated when I blushed.

He just smiled and turned around so he was laying on his back. We both stayed silent until I suggested to make some breakfast. He took the offer and went for a shower whilst I went into the kitchen and prepared everything.
He entered the room short after and looked - excuse my diction - damn hot. His hair was still wet from the shower and his eyes were sparkling he grinned, probably because he just saw me checking him out but again I couldn't help it.
"I could make some tea or coffee and you could go to the bathroom so we can have breakfast together when you're ready." He said as soon as he reached the kitchen counter.
"Sure thank you, I'll be right back." I answered immediately and left the room half running. I think I took the fastest shower of my life this morning and brushed my teeth and dryed my hair at the same time, don't ask me how I did it I felt like I had superpowers or something. I changed with high speed and jogged back into the kitchen, where everything was set neatly on the counter ready to be eaten.
I sat down besides Nic and we talked a bit about what we'll do for the next days and so on. He said he had lots of work to do at the hospital and he'll be in Paris for a special operation where he has to assist. To be honest I was a bit disappointed when he told me he had to leave 2 weeks, I was aware that he had to check on his patient, but not seeing him for two weeks didn't really lighten my mood.

After we finished breakfast he went home and I had some time to sort things out. Basically I was talking to my family and friends from Germany via Skype and I called Mary, who was eager to talk to me after yesterdays events.

Well I left the party with Nic and she stayed over at Ralph's, so there was a lot of talking to do. We decided that she was coming over right away because talking on the phone wasn't that comfortable. When she entered my flat she just sang "Tell me everything!" and went straight to the living room. "Well I could ask for the same." I told her grinning viciously. "I asked first but if you insist..." she said smiling. I could tell from her overly excited mood that she wanted to tell me something urgent. And as soon as I nodded a waterfall of words started pouring out of her mouth. "I guess you saw us kiss so I can leave it with that but, oh my god why didn't you tell me about your handsome friends before? I mean Ralph is so nice and charming, he also has a great sense of humour and those are just the things I discovered tonight! We talked a lot and I really like him. We made up plans for next week ,we'll meet up for coffee and he asked me out for dinner on friday already! By the way you have to help me choose my outfit, maybe we should go shopping, shouldn't we?" She stood there brooding over how she'll look amazing on friday when I interrupted her. "Easy girl, I think Ralph will like everything you'll wear so don't worry to much. I can tell that you really like him and I'm so happy but what happened after I left yesterday?" I asked laughing about her flow of words. "Well we drank a bit more with some guys in the kitchen. Dan left shortly after you did and most of the others too. There were a few people sleeping in the hallways and Ralph left me his room to sleep in. He was very nice really, he slept on the couch, a real gentleman." She explained laughing. "But what about you and loverboy?" Yeah she called Nic loverboy but whatever... "Nothing really happened. We came here and then he wanted to leave because I was really tired. I asked him to stay and so he did but we just slept beside each other. We had breakfast this morning and then he left." I said smiling lightly. I mean it was great to wake up this morning with him besides me but the fact that he had to leave for two weeks was saddening my mood. I told Mary about his job and that he had to leave and so on and she told me to make him mine before he does.

The problem was how can you make someone yours in two days?

After Mary left I thought about Nic and if I should ask him to come over tonight or not. I was already packing for my flight to Germany tomorrow, as I already mentioned I was about to visit my family there. I was really looking forward to this and I was excited to see Emma again, I missed her desperately these days. Around 5 pm I texted Nic and asked if he wanted to come over because we wouldn't see each other for two weeks now. He declined because he was at his mother's for a family dinner but he promised he'd call me as soon as he could. I couldn't really hide my disappointment and continued preparing myself and the flat for tomorrow. I handed Mary a key before so she could look after my home when I was gone.

At 6 pm I recieved a text, but it wasn't Nic, it was Dan.

Hey how's it going? Hope you two survived the party without any accidents? x

I texted a fast reply

Yeah we did thank you, what about you got home safe last night? x

He was cute asking us how we are and stuff. But that's typical Dan, always worrying about his friends.

Got home safe :) You're leaving for Germany tomorrow right? Just wanted to say have fun and a safe flight!

Thanks so much, have a nice week too and greet the others if you see them :) x

I typed in and sent the message. I still couldn't really believe I was friends with him and Kyle, Woody and Will but that's how life goes sometimes. I couldn't be happier about it. After this short exchange of words I took another shower and went to bed. It was only 8 pm, but my flight was early tomorrow morning and I had to take a taxi to the airport, so I should be prepared for every kind of late arrivals.

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