It's Great To See New Faces Around

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"Welcome to your new summer job." the Phone Guy said.
Yeah, sure, but why are you paying me in November. I never spoke, I only thought, why, if I talked, the "animatronics" would know where I am, oh wait, I'm like 5% certain I kept some burning sage in my satchel, but when I checked, there wasn't any. I decided to check the cameras, Prize Corner, Bame Area? Bame Area? What the fuck is a Bame? Oooooh, wait, GAME Area, makes much more sense. Okay, wind up the box, with what? I thought the remote, and I was right, I picked it up and started to wind it up, somehow. Okay, next is the Kid's Cove.
"Dear Jesus, what is THAT?!" I thought in horror.
Turns out it was the Mangle, an amalgamation of parts, sounds awesome on paper, but not in actuality. Definitely sounds like it could maul my face off. Just then I saw a "Signal Interrupted" message.
"Signal... interrupted what the hell does that mean?" I kept thinking.
But suddenly, it stopped and the Mangle left, crap. Now Toy Bonnie's gone, why, and Toy Chica! Unfortunately, The former was in the right vent, and as I put on my mask it was 4:00 A.M. and he was moving away, slowly, slowly, slowly.
But I couldn't figure out where SpringBonnie from my childhood was. And before I knew it, it was 6:00, I am a natural at this!

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