The older brother didn't let me fight of course. He couldn't even deal with thinking about the possibility that I might get injured, physically or mentally. Still I was trapped in this mansion with a huge hybrid baby belly. the teo brothers returned home dafely, invincible as they are. Some Vampires, witches and werewolves died, but luckily nobody I was close with. It was an odyssey of a supernatural war-triangle. not one day passed without anybody dying. The older brother sat on the couch, sipping on his bourbon the ice cubes clincing in the crystal glass. He was pondering about what to do next and how to regain his people's loyalty, while watching the flames move gracefully in the fireplace. He was so focused on it, as if it held all the answers to his questions. Poor older brother, hid all his demons behind a door in his mind that mustn't ever be opened. He wasn't even aware that I entered the room. Politely, he stood up, tucked his jacket into place and offered me a hand to guide me over to the sofa. The satin material was soft under my palms.
"How do you feel?" He asked, concerned. Truly caring about my wellbeing. "I am fine." I assured him.
He nodded and lent back into a chair, next to the couch.
I said his name, to gain his attention. He stared at the fire again. He turned his head towards me and gazed at me with his brown eyes. Those eyes adsorbed all my pain and worries when I looked into them. Sad, tormented, beautiful eyes.
"You know, I still want the best for my pack. And I would like them to live in the quater..." I said and he didn't interrupt me, even though he frowned when he realized that I was bringing this subject up again. He knew that I would keep pragging until he agreed to help me and my pack. He sat up and ran his fingers through his soft brown hair.
He sighed, "We have talked about this."
I stared at him and tilted my head a little to the size. "My daughter is one third of a wolf, I want her to be in contact with her pack. I couldn't when I was a child."
"I understand that but we can provide a better home for you and the child, nobody can protecter her better that we can."
"Maybe I want more for her to be safe. I want her to have a family and as you know yourself, your brother has a habbit of daggering family members."
Suddenly another voice entered the conversation.
"I take that as my clue. But I do not trust the wolves, they are throat ripping animals." The younger brother stated casually while poring himself a drink.
"Funny they say the same about you." I faked my amusement as I stood up and he faked a polite smile.
"Neither do I. They are unpredictable and impulsive." the older brother raised from the chair holding up a hand in defense. I turned to look at him, staring at him disappointedly.
But I wasn't done defending the wolves yet "Your brother is half a werewolf too, so is our daughter and so am I!" I tapped against my chest. The younger brother seemed quite satisfied with his brother and was cheerfully sipping on his drink to be unable to speak but holding that smirk.
"You knew what I think about them and - considering that they still live in the swamps-"
"I the bayou." I interrupted the older brother.
"Considering that they still live in the bayou- my opinion hasn't changed."
He finished his sentence and took a little step towards me.
I don't demand that she lives in the bayou... This is about the wolves. About them living in the quater again, safely."

"As much as I enjoy you two secret lovebirds fighting, I find the tension in this room unbearably uncomfortable. Therefore I shall leave and check for my empire." The younger brother interrupted us and tilted his head back, emptying his glass and slamming it unnecessarily forceful on the table, demonstrating, that he will leave.

When it was just us two again in the living room, I walked until I stood infront of him. Slowly, I touched his hand that hung by his side. The older brother flinced and pulled away his hand out of reflex. But as he saw the puzzled expression of rejection on my face, he quickly got a hold of my hand again and relaxed, instantly. Sighed. Closed his eyes.

"Why do you always back away from me? I'm only human. I am no danger to you." I asked saddned but looked up from our hands into his eyes. He held a sad look in them aswell. He seemed concerned but so satisfied with the feeling of our skin touching.
He frowned. "It's not that I'm afraid of you." he paused and licked his plump lips. "It's that I'm honestly afraid of loosing you." he paused once more. "All the people I let get close to me got hurt or even ended up dead. Every. Single. One. Of them. And I cannot let that happen to you... I have learned from my faults." He stated in a serious voice.
"Can you... just not play the hero for once, please?" I whispered and stared at his lips.
I laid my hand on his cheek, pleading him to look at me. And there we stood for a while, holding hands, looking into eachothers eyes. I was about to take my hand down, as I realized that there was no use in trying to convince him. But with his free one, he pressed mine down, leaning into my hand. And then he closed the gap between us, kissing me. Slowly, tenderly, lovingly. He whispered my name begging for more, I moved my hand from his jaw into his hair, tugging at the soft, brown roots. The kiss tasted like expensive liquor and despair.
"I promise you, I will keep yor child safe." He whispered, holding my head in place and gently pressing a kiss onto my forehead. He lingered there for a moment before he took a step back and headed to the door.
"Where are you going?" I questioned.
"Into the woods." he said, raising an eyebrow and then he was gone.


If you want to know the story behind the story, you should definitely watch the vampire diaries' spinoff "The originals" I loove it so much. and it basically inspired this. If you didn't guess it already: this is written from hayleys point of view, therefore the older brother is Elijah and the younger one is Niklaus.

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