One month later

"No..nooo...I can't handle this. I can't walk" I whined shaking my head.

"Shut up Aimen and stop moving" Aisha slapped my head. She was fixing my dupatta.

"Its so heavy" I groaned.

Its really heavy- my wedding lehenga. Managing this feels like carrying a big sack of rice. I admit its extremely beautiful with a cream coloured top. The classic red & cream colour combination was in lehenga and the dupatta was plain red with small beads in the border.

"I'm warning you last time stay still or else I'll spoil your face with this pin" Aisha pointed a hijab pin.

"We will be by your side so don't worry" Safa consoled me "And if some old aunty starts asking 'Who are you? Whose daughter are you?' I'll immediately leave your side" She said quoting with her fingers.

I rolled my eyes at her "Thank you so much for the support"

"But Maryam will help and also she needs practice, she is getting engaged very soon" Safa added and I could see through the mirror that Maryam is blushing "Someone's blushing" I said with a tune.

Maryam defended herself "I'm not blushing okay and let me remind you that you are married and now you are Mrs. Aimen Rehan Asad. You should blush darling. Think about tonight, What if he kisses you? What if he......"

"Shut up" I said slowly. I was nervous. Yeah! You heard her right 'I'm married' an hour ago. Now the girls are giving me slight touch up and all that before we go the marriage hall.

I don't now why ammi needs big wedding. For my question she gave the most illogical answer "Your in-laws are most reputed persons in the city, Aimen. They should not feel guilty by the people's talk just because of us. Also it was your dad's wish to have a big wedding"

"Done" Aisha said and she sat on bed whispering "Ya Allah"

"What happened?" I asked. She had her hands in her stomach and eyes were closed as if she was in pain.

"This baby kicks a lot. Trust me if its a boy then he will become a great football champion"

"What if its a girl?" I asked passing her the bottle of water.

"Then she will become the next Mary Kom" She replied.

"Really Aimen in just one month I will be holding my kid inshaallah. I can't believe"

"Inshaallah!" I replied back.

"Everyone ready?" Ammi came inside.

She looked at me and instantly wrapped me a hug "You are looking beautiful, your dad would have been so happy if he was here" I could feel her tears.

"Ammi, you are making to cry" 

"No no don't cry you will spoil makeup" Ammi said wiping her tear away.

"Exactly and you will look like a zombie" Maryam said interrupting us. I just ignored her.

"Lets go" Aisha yelled. She has lot of energy for a pregnant woman.


My heartbeat stopped when I looked at Rehan. He was looking more then handsome today in his black tuxedo. He hair was led in a perfect way.

He sat next to me but before that our eyes met for few second. I could see thousands gazes fall at us. This stage decorated in a beautiful way is really making me awkward.

"I can't believe it. You are married that too to my brother." Sidra said happily.

"Okay bye. I need to get my friends. Will meet soon" She hugged me quickly and went.

Everyone started to congratulate us. At first I smiled genuinely but later I started to fake it because I was heck tired.

Soon the time for me to leave came. My every close relative including my uncles came to bid me goodbye.

That's when I felt someone grabbing my hand. It was none other than Rehan. Then he did something which made me shock and also bought a big group of butterflies in my tummy.

He kissed my cheek and that too before everyone. I heard few giggles from my cousins and friends.

I looked at Rehan. He eyes had hatred written in it. I followed his  gaze. Oh! Not again!

It was Imran. He exactly knows how to ruin my happiness. Before he came near us I felt Rehan intertwined our fingers.

Rehan would have done this on either of these two purpose  a)He is jealous b)He is trying to protect. I don't support either of these option but latter is far better than the former.

"Oh baby, you are married. You know how it hurts me" Imran faked a hurt by placing a hand in his chest.

Rehan took his phone and did something not before saying "Control your tongue, man. She is my wife now and only I have the right to call her by that name"

He hugged Imran and said "Thanks Bro. It was because of you, we met. Because of you, we fall in love and it led to this marriage. Again thanks for coming your presence in this marriage was more than important"

Love? What love? I don't love him. But after what  Rehan said Imran was like school boy who was bullied by his classmates. For this reason I want to give a big hug to Rehan.

"Ah! Here you are. I was looking for you. Lets go" Jiju took Imran along with him but he turned and winked at Rehan. So he called jiju, sounds interesting.

Ammi hugged me followed by Aisha, Maryam, Safa and few of my aunts and uncles. They cried. I tried to be strong but failed when Shameel uncle, only brother of dad hugged me. He always reminds of dad. With lot of tears, the event which started with the smiles ended, with me leaving my family behind with someone new.


Right now I'm in car on my way to my in laws house, my new home. Rehan was next to me and the whole ride was silent. This silence was irritating me but I didn't talk to him.

The car halted before a big house. I was received by his whole family. "Welcome home bhabhi" Sidra yelled.

The house was so big. Ya Allah! its like déjà vu.

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Finally they got married yaaay:-)

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