Part 3

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The next morning Mark called me to his office ,

It was weird me standing there and him in his chair "Well, Amber, what do you have to say for yourself?" Mark said viciously.

"What do I have to say for myself?"

"Oh come on Amber, you know that I have been getting complaints about guys having black and blues all over. The only girl I know that would punch a guy would be you. "

"Hey, they were hitting on me. What else is a girl supposed to do?"

"Were they physically hitting on you? Or flirting?"

"Well, don't you think if it was physical they wouldn't still be standing?"

"Next time it happens again, and I get a complaint there will be a big problem on our hands, ok Amber?''

"well they just need to get over it mark''

"Amber maybe you should stop being so darn cute'' he said with a smirk plastered on

" see you later Mark!!"

When I left his office my face was hot, I was was very surprised from what he said.

"Hey Amber what happened?'' It was catherine with worry laced in her voice

" O it's nothing im fine, hey I was wondering if you wanted to talk?"

"Yea sure"
"How about we go back to the corral"

"So Amber what do you want to talk about"

"Well I know this is going to be random but who do you like?"

"Um I guess Axel he's cool and hot at the same time" catherine said almost squealing

"wow thats surprising to hear from you catherine!"

"well I guess you will be surprised about a lot of things. so who do you like?"

" I think maybe Jed or Marck''

"WHY DO YOU LIKE THEM !?" her mouth drop as she yelled

"Jed is from florida, he has 2 Dalmatians, and a fox terrier. Mark is from vermont like me, has a QH, 3 west german shepherds and a cat'' I said in duh tone

" And how do you know this!??"

" I ask a lot of Questions I also know that Mac is from south carolina has 2 great Danes, and a sheltie, Brock is from alaska has 3 great Danes, and 2 doberman pinscher , Axle is from vermont has a husky and a betta fish."

"Anyone else you know about ?"

"No, but there is one girl I want to know about "

"Yea, who's that? Oh, me okay. I'm from Walden, Vermont. I have four dogs- two huskies, a German Shepherd, and a Pomeranian. What do you have Amber?"

"I have a horse, donkey, two Shelties, Siberian Husky, and a West German Shepherd."

"Wow! That's a lot of animals. "

"Not really, I had more animals to take care of at my mom's house. Hey, when you were talking about where you are from, what did you say?"

"I said I am from Walden, Vermont. "

"Did you go to Walden School?"

"Yea, why?"

"Because I also went to Walden School what class were you in in 2000?"

"I was in 7th grade what class where you in?"

"I was a 8th grader we were next to each other!!"

" How weird is that''

"very weird hey didnt you say that Axel is from vermont?"

"yea hey lets go ask him what school he went to"

" he's probably in the mess hall"

" God I'm surprised he's not fat with all the food he eats"

We entered the mess hall all of the guys where there pigging out like always. Mac,Jed,brock,Axel, and of course Mark were all sitting together chatting along like a group of schoolgirls.Catherine and I sat with them I could feel my face starting to get hot.

"Hey Axel what school did you go to?"

"walden why do you want to know? that Amber grade were you in 2000"

"well for a while I had my hair in a ponytail then I cut it so i had my hair it down and wore tank tops,boot cut blue jeans, also my favorite red ankle boots"

" hey didn't you have a natural red blonde streak in you hair back then too?"

" Yes I still do see but why did we forget each other there's one thing I do remember it was the first guy I ever dated his name started with an A''

"Do you THINK !!!"

"No well I'm not sure"

"Wait what do you think?" Mark asks a little upset

" Ok Mark we think that Amber and I dated"

"Wow wouldn't that be funny you two?

"NO" Axel and i said in unison

" Mark weren't you from vermont to ?"

"Yea why catherine?"

"What school did you go to"

"Walden" spoke Mark in a dull tone

"God Mark for real don't you think we would want to know that!" as I said each word the madder I got

"Yea I guess but I was a year older so I was already gone but it's still time to go people?"

" what do you mean Mark?"

"training right now lets get going before I get mad"

" I thought you were always mad or had a stic."

"Just get going now Amber"

"KK don't get you boxers in a"

"Amber go "


" So Mark what do you think about amber?" commander ronald ask

" She loves to push my buttons, but shes also a damn good shot .No matter what, she'll have your back. If you think she's weak, you're dead wrong. You know when your men have bruises, black eyes and you believe that their fighting? They're just trying to flirt with little amber over there."

"you mean that little 90 pound reddish brown girl is beating on them"

"Yep, and her friend catherine is just the same. I have seen her flip full grown men like pancakes. That's why the men in my unit treat them like goddesses and never disrespect me,or anyone else"

"Why do you go so easy on Amber?"

"Do you mean when she push my buttons"


"Well I have known her since second grade we went to the same school."

"bye commander mark see you at tomorrow's conference"

"See ya"


"Hey Mark I'm done now what"

"Wow that was fast,ok you can work on your strenght"

"O come on mark do I have to this is getting boring"

"We arent here to have fun"

"Fine I'll go"

"thank you"

"O why don't you just kiss my"


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