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I felt like I was dreaming, like this whole thing was a dream. Rihanna squealed " she can't have my happy ending I want the ending I deserve the happy ending. " she turned her back and stormed off. I wasn't scared of her anymore. It was weird but so relieving.
Alfie went on to tell me, that he told me Higgins ( the headmaster) and Rihanna's in deep shit.
I was about to ask why I was here, but before I could begin my sentence. He started to talk. He started to say the words I'd been dreaming about forever. ' would you like to be my girlfriend, miss Riley genes??' My heart was beating 50 miles per hour. I couldn't think straight, my brain then said for me....,,,,, " Kiss me"
I was anxious of what would happen but (before you could say but) he Leaned in and kiss me. It was magical.
He pulled away, he then said so..... At first I was confused then I remember....... I said.....

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