Thump whent my face in the bully's thist. "ouch " I screemed in pine "what are you crying for baby" the bully shouted.Beep beep whent the bell for class nooooooo! I thought I was in the same class as the crusher an his gang . As my shaky , sweety leg walked in the room "hey baby " crusher shouted across the room "your the baby " a muttered to my self " WHAT WAS THAT!" he said as he walked over " erm nothing " I replayed verry fast as I didn't whant my face to get my punched but that didn't happen crusher thist bomebed my face "RAW RAW " Cush " everybody under the tables " the techer enfromed lucky I had my long bow and armer sine it was bow practice after school . " Dominic what are you doing you going to make the dragon more angry ".

Thump whent the dragons body " Dominic killed the dragon " shouted evry body except crusher " bet I could do that" crusher said trying to get the show suddenly the Dagon soul danced around me " what's happening " i screemed the nerd said I was dragon born

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