The Mission

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Third Person's POV

Kakashi throws his shuriken to the missing jounins from the Land of Stone. He can't let any of those witnesses stay alive. He has to kill all of them with his limited teammates. Rumour has it that Kakashi will surely kill his own teammates if it's beneficial for the mission. And, 2 out of 3 teammates he has,  tried to kill him while acting like they're fighting those missing nins. He knows it all the time but he just keeps on ignoring the fact.


A big mass of electric liked chakra appears on his hand as he jumped from branch to branch and kill two of the missing nins. 'Five left to kill' he thought to himself as he throw the bodies out of the way. He left his guard down unconsiously and another missing nin tried to attack him from behind. Fortunately, one of his teammates got his back. "Don't let your guard down', she said as she jumped to another branch. Kakashi could see her long ponytail swinging as she fights those missing nins. If it wasn't for her, Kakashi would've been laying on the ground with a bleeding throat.

It takes more than 3 hours to defeat all of the missing nins. Most of the ANBUs were badly injured. No exception for Kakashi. His left arm's skin was burned by the Katon jutsu and he broke a couple of his ribs. None of them can be helped by wrapping a bandage and he has nothing but a roll of bandage with him.

A girl with an ANBU mask was laying under the tree with a bleeding lower left abdomen. She was trying to stop the bleeding by pushing her hands there but it can't be help. She's losing too much blood. Kakashi jumped and throw a bandage for her to stop her bleeding. She nods as a thanks and immediately wrap her abdomen with the bandage. The white bandage gone red, drenched by the blood, but at least the bleeding stop.

"We should go back to Konoha immediately. We're no longer in any condition to fight," Kakashi shouted as he jumped to a branch and immediately go back to Konohagakure.

Kakashi's POV

Sandaime-sama thanked me for the mission earlier and ordered me to go to the hospital and tend my wounds. I nodded and walked to the hospital immediately. My left arm's skin feels stingy and I can't breathe easily because of the broken ribs. But reporting to Sandaime is number one, so I have to do my job.

As I arrived to the hospital, the nurse put me in the same room with a pale looking girl and one of my ANBU teammates. They were sleeping soundly when I got in. The nurse put an IV to my left hand and use a jutsu to treat my outer wounds. Another medical ninja will come in and treat my broken ribs later. I lay down on the bed and try to sleep. As I was about to sleep, someone's making a sound to my left. I turned my head and saw the pale looking girl was grimacing in pain while holding her left abdomen. Her act somehow reminds me of something but I can't remember.

She turned her head to me and her pale cheek turned to blush. I don't know what has gotten into her but she's kinda cute with the pink cheek on her face.

"What happened to you?" I asked her. She looks confused but she answered it anyway. "I got stabbed by a sword."

Her answer somehow surprised me. So, she's a ninja too? I've never seen her before. Maybe she's new or she's a ninja from the other allied nation.

A medical ninja opened the door to the room and walked to me. He shut the curtain between the girl and me and started his jutsu. He gave me a couple of pills before he began his jutsu and somehow those pills make me sleepy. And that's it, I sleep through to whole healing proccedure.

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