We've got Robert.He's staying in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere.I so want to choke the life out of him but Roman said to wait until it's dark out.

And it's getting dark.He's not going to escape this time.I'm not going to let him.I look up at the sky,it's dark.

"Go time." I said to Roman.He nodded.

We decided that only me and Roman going to take on Robert.The rest are watching the perimeter in case he escape.Which he won't.

I bust down the door with a kick and Robert is there with an evil grin on his face.

"I've been expecting you Belikov." His eyes menacingly black.I gripped my stake."Ooh not so friendly are we?" He snickered.

"Enough old man." Hissed Roman."You're gonna pay for what you did to Rose."

"Attack!" Robert yelled just in time when Roman was about to punch his throat,and 6 Strigoi came from all the dark corners of the room.A blonde strigoi caught Roman by surprise and gripped him by the neck and threw him to the wall.

2 came at me.Twins,I realized.Unusual.I took out the gun with the special bullets that Roman gave me and shot one at both of their heads,still not enough to kill them.They dropped down and I took the chance to stake both of them.

Roman is fighting with the other 3.And he seems to be handling it pretty well.Now all that's left is Robert.

"I'm gonna take you to your brother." I growled.

The ground underneath me is shaking.And I could see that he's about to do what Lissa did to Jesse to me.Without wasting a second,I lunged at him,pinning him under me.

"You..savage! Killing a Moroi."

"Well,you're a monster.So you deserve to die.Goodbye forever,Robert." I pierced the stake in his heart.

He's dead.

Roman finished off the last Strigoi and we ran back to the SUV,not wanting to encounter another Strigoi.

Finally,Robert's dead and Rose and my child is safe.

"Is he dead?" Guardian Reeves asked while driving.

"Yes." I said without any regrets in my voice.

"Did you really had to kill him? He's a Moroi.We as guardians needs to protect them.I know he's done something really bad but why can't we just put him in Tarasov?"

I can't really be mad at him because he had never seen what Robert or Victor did.He wouldn't understand.I was about to speak up when Christian did.

"Look,Guardian Reeves right?" He nodded."He's a dangerous man.He's driven into Spirits craziness.Even if we put him in Tarasov,he'll endanger more people.He was working with Strigoi for fuck sake.And he'd still be able to haunt Rose with spirit dream."

Christian has gotten really smart and caring since the first time I met him which is when he was 18.

"Okay." Reeves sighed."I get it."

Reeves is Lissa's extra guard.He's a year younger than me.I remembered him when he transferred to St.Basil's.He used to be the quiet mysterious kid.

We arrived at Rose's house an hour later.It's late for humans and we're following human schedules.When we entered the house Abe and Lissa are waiting for us.

"Is Robert's dead?" Abe asked.

"Yeah." Roman said,sighing."I'm just gonna get a drink then sleep so..yeah." He said then left.

"Did he killed him?" Lissa asked.

"No.I did."

"But why did he look like he just did something wrong?"

I shrugged."Probably just tired."

"Okay." Lissa sighed then her eyes fell on Christian."Since it's very late.Why don't we all just go to bed.Christian come on."

He pats my back then went to his room with Lissa.

"Go Belikov.We had a hard time putting Rose to bed." Abe said,I chuckled.

I went upstairs feeling really tired suddenly.I opened door and saw Rose lying on the bed,sleeping like she hasn't slept in days.

I changed my filthy clothes to clean ones and then slowly slid in next to her.It's like she knows I'm right beside her,she turned around and snuggle up to me.

I kissed her head and slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


I opened my eyes to see Dimitri's peacefully sleeping.His calm breathing.Well,I'm guessing he killed Robert because last night was the best sleep I've had in weeks.

I slid out slowly under his arm,not wanting to wake him up and surprisingly he didn't.He must be realty tired.

I went downstairs,yawning still feeling a little sleepy.Make my way to the coffee maker and make some coffee for me.

"You're up early." I turned around to see my mom,Janine Hathaway,smiling warmly at me.Still not used to that.

"Yeah.You want some?" I offered,sipping my coffee.

"No.I don't really drink coffee that much anymore." I got her an orange juice.

"So how'd you sleep?"

"Good." I sighed.

"Rose,I just wanted to say sorry for not taking care of you." Did she just apologized to me? Did I heard that right? Sure we've grown closer since Spokane and since I've been framed but she never really did apologized. "You've grown so mature.You're a really great guardian but I'm not sure for a daughter." I laughed softly."And I see you've got a lot of people who cares and love you." I sure do."That includes me of course."

"I know." I smiled.

"So how's your relationship with Dimitri?"

"Great.He's so excited to have a daughter of his own."

"Yeah.Everyone can see that.He's going to be a great father." She just compliment Dimitri.Unusual."He's head over heels for you and you him."

"That obvious huh?" I grin."Yeah.We've always been like that."

"I'm just glad you're safe and happy now.You deserve it." She held my hand.

"Thanks mom."

Then Roman came in,shirtless.

"Hey Rosie," He kissed my cheek."Morning.How'd you sleep?"

"Great.Thanks to you guys." He offered me a small smile."Sorry that I made you kill a Moroi."

"No Rosie.I don't regret doing that and besides it was Dimitri who did killed him.It just..unusual I guess."

"Well thanks." He kissed my head.

"Anything for you Rosie." He grins."Well I'm gonna go for my morning run."

"But it's freezing outside and your shirtless."

"I can handle it.Love you babe!" He said as he ran out the door.

"Love you too Romie!" Pretty sure he heard it.

I turned my gaze back to my mom.She's frowning.

"So you and Roman pretty close." She said with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"Yes we are.Look we have a really special relationship.We love each other but not like that.And he kissed my cheek all the time."

"Oh.Okay.Sorry."She muttered.

"It's okay mom.Well I'm gonna go wake Dimitri up.He supposed to be up by now." She nodded and I went upstairs.

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