Meet Harry

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I walked out of Skailar's house. I laughed the whole way to my car. I put the key in the ignition and let the car heat up.

I looked at my phone. I had 2 new messages both from Louis.

hey mate where are you ?

so what you think of Skailar, I see the way you look at her ;)

He was right I did look at Skailar. I mean who wouldn't? She's gorgeous. Her chocolate curly hair cascades down her back perfectly. Her tan skin is just right. She looks so innocent and I love that. I wanted to lick the the innocence off of her sexy soft skin. And those eyes. Oh my god I feel as if I'm melting when her icy blue eyes meet my green ones. I want to stare into those eyes as I fuck her brains, make her cry my name.

And that is exactly my problem. I'm never the boyfriend. I don't like relationships or titles. I like a good fuck and that's it. I consider my self a wake up call to dumb girls that think love is to be played with. Stupid little girls that'll do anything I say if I show them the slightest bit of affection. Idiots. Sappy suckers that feed off of the idea of love.

I open the eyes of girls who are gullible and think love is a game. I show them that they can't trust guys like me. I show them that they have to make guys like me work for what they want. I run a game with girls. And so far I'm the only one to win. The girls I fuck are nothing but levels to my game. And by the looks of it my next victim is Skailar.

I unlocked my phone and replied to Louis.

H- hey mate and Skailar is HOT

L- lol uh oh mate please don't tell me she's your next victim :( I actually think she's cool

h- sorry mate it's already done. I've already marked her. She's mine

l- Harry what you do to girls is horrible. Please don't hurt her mate.

h- I can't make any promises.

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