Encounter 2

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©Copyright of Asia Rowe.

I heard the doorbell ring. I looked at my phone it read 10:48 pm. I must have knocked out when I came home. I heard the door bell ring again.

"Ughhh who the fuck is it?" I slipped on my fluffy slippers and threw my curls into a bun.

I walked down the stairs and swung the door open to reveal a very mad Beth. She walked inside and dragged me into the kitchen.

"What the hell was that earlier?" She basically screamed at me. This bitch must've had a death wish. I was way too tired for this conversation.

"What did you expect me to do? They were making me uncomfortable!" I snatched my arm away from her tight grip. She huffed loudly and rubbed her temples with her thumb and index finger.

"You need to apologize. You were the one being rude and you made a stupid move." She tried reasoning. I laughed bitterly and shoved past her.

"Does It look like I give a fuck?" I chugged down a glass of water and an Advil.

"You should. You are going to apologize. We are all going to be friends. And you are going to stay off of their bad side, that is not a place you want to be. You don't know what they are capable of." I had to stop my fit of laughter that was about to erupt from my mouth.

She was actually scared of these clowns. Freaks with tattoos and bad reputations. Weirdos that do absolutely nothing but smoke and party. Idiots that parade around in their big shot cars and play with girls. Ha! It was going to take more than a couple of circus acts to frighten me.

"Ha! Is that supposed to frighten me? I'm not apologizing. Matter of fact I don't ever want to see them again! And why do you hang out with them, they're bad news."

"Because they are my friends." She pleaded.

"I thought I was your friend!" I snapped.

"Well I did too, until now! Why are you acting like such a bitch?"

My eyes were the size of saucers as I tried to decipher what this bitch was saying... Jesus himself has come down in the form of air to stop me from molly whopping her...

Is she really sticking up for them? We were best friends for years. She's willing to throw that away for them. I guess you never really know a person.

"Beth I think you should leave." I said calmly. I couldn't even look at her face right now. Just the sight of her strawberry blonde hair was enough to set me off.

"But-" my blue eyes snapped up to meet her brown ones.


"No we're not leaving until you apologize."

What? We're?

"We're? Beth who the fuck did you bring to my house?"

Just then when I said those words I saw 5 guys and Chloe walk into my kitchen smiling at me.

''Beth, why did you bring them here?'' I pointed to them and then looked at Beth.

''Because if we're all gonna be friends we need to start off new.''

''Who said I wanted to be friends with any of them-'' I pointed at them ''- no offense.''

''None taken babe.'' said Louis. He shot me a cute smile. I find him irresistibly adorable.

''Why are you always so difficult?'' This time it was Chloe interrogating me.

"I don't know. Why are you so easy all of the time?'' Shots fired.

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