Chapter 12 ~ Hamartophobia

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Hamartophobia- Fear of sinning.

Castiel sat right next to Dean at the dinner table,nervously staring at his steak,watched by Deans father. "'Castiel isn't really an average name huh?.Mary said he's your Co-worker Dean?.Why did he come with you?" He asked,Castiel bit his lip,John didn't even greet him.As if Cas wasnt even there.

Dean blushed as he held Castiels hand under the table." Hes more like family to me really.He helped me through some rough times." Castiel smiled,squeezing Deans hand."Sure ..." John responded,finally giving Castiel some attention."So do you have a family Castiel?." It felt like a interrogation."Yes." The blue eyed man mumbled. "I have a wife and two kids back home,they're currently on vacation so I thought Id spend the weekend with my best friend." He smiled slightly,proud that he managed to lie correctly."And you know that my son's a faggot?."

Castiel breathed heavily and had to resist the urge to stand up and punch Deans father.He glanced at Deans mother who looked embarrassed of her husband.The way he acted made Castiel more than angry."The correct word is homosexual and yes I am aware of that." Dean blushed hard as he let go of Castiels hand before he stood up." E - Excuse me." He mumbled before he walked out of the kitchen and sat on the bottom step of the stairs.He hadnt seen his parents in years yet his Dad still felt the need to hurt him?.Dean buried his head in his hands as he tried not to cry.

Castiel gave him a worried look before he followed Dean and sat down next to him,rubbing his back "Its okay Dean.You have to show him that you're much stronger than he expects.Do you - want me to talk to him?." Dean shook his head as he looked up and wiped his eyes." I - It'll just make things worse." Castiel sighed and pulled him a bit closer until Deans father walked over to them.He looked as if he didnt know what was going on.

"Dean ... you okay?" He asked,having a bit concern in his voice.He walked over and made a gesture to Castiel to stand up and step away.Dean wiped his eyes as he looked down.He couldnt face his father." W - Why do you do this to me?.Y'Know ive missed you and Mom every single day i was away but when i come back i wish i never bothered.You make me feel like crap Dad." John sighed,looking at Dean before he sat down next to him.Castiel stayed in distance but didn't want to leave Dean alone with his father. "I'm sorry son ... of course we've missed you too,you reached everything I wanted you to reach.You are a successful doctor.You obviously found good friends ... but you have to understand that this thing you're having - it's not normal.It's a disease and how do you think your mother is feeling by the thought that she'll never have grandchildren?." Dean laughed before he stood up." D - Dont you dare bring Mom into this!.She loves me no matter what and she's the only one who accepts me.W - Why cant you?." Dean whimpered and bit his lip before he stormed outside.

"This is not how a father treats his son." he mumbled leaning against the wall,Dean didn't wanted him to talk to him but Castiel couldn't resist. He couldn't let his anger inside him. "Dean loves you - he was excited to visit his parents and now you are making him feel worse.I know I'm just a "friend" and I don't really know you Sir,but what I know is that - This isn't how a fucking father treats his successful son.Who cares about Deans sexuality.He is a happy and healthy human being and isn't that what counts?!." John laughed before he stood up." Why do you care?.Youre married.Unless ... Youre having an affair with my son." Johns eyes widened as he stared at the man.Thats why they had been so close.Castiel chuckled and shook his head, trying to save them.His heart beat uncontrollably but he tried to stay calm."J-Just because I care more about him more than you do,doesn't automatically mean that I'm having an affair with your son."

John walked over as he stared into his eyes." Look me in the eyes and tell me youre not in love with Dean."

Castiel swallowed thickly before he looked up at him."Why does that matter to you.So what? I'm not saying it's true - but It wouldn't turn me into another person.I'm still the guy you met like half an hour ago.I'd still be Deans best friend and your son would still be outside probably smoking a cigarette to stop himself from crying.Even if it's true - it doesn't change the fact that you are hurting the feelings of your own child." John didnt have to listen to this from some fag.He growled and clenched his fists before he walked back into the kitchen.Dean leaned against the impala as he took another drag.Maybe it was a bad idea coming here.Castiel walked over to his boyfriend after a while and sighed."How are you feeling." He mumbled.All he wanted was Dean to be happy.But he screwed it up again.Deans father knew about their relationship, everything had gotten worse." Ive been better." Dean mumbled as he looked down.Trying to hide the fact that he had been crying.Castiel nodded,giving him a worried look.  "Dean - I ... He knows about us." Deans eyes widened as he stared up at him." W - What?.How?."

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