Meet the Cast...Kasumi

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--- Meet the Cast ~ Kasumi Namikaze ---

Let's get this started! Here's 10 facts about the one, the only, Kasumi Akane Uzumaki Namikaze!

--- 10 Facts About Kasumi ---

1 - Kasumi lives in a parallel universe to Naruto. Only there's a twist...(not giving anything away yet!)

2 - Kasumi was originally meant to fall in love with Kiba, not Sasuke! Funny how it all changes, hm.

3 - Kasumi's hair used to be very long a lot like her mother's, however when Sasuke left Konoha she cut it short, very similar to Sasuke's style, however slightly longer. During the 3 years training/timeskip, Kasumi decided that she wanted to keep her own identity and not be associated with her mother (or father) so much, so decided on keeping it short.

4 - Kasumi still feels very strongly about Sasuke. She loves him unconditionally and only wants for him to be safe, well and above all, happy. That's why she's so determined to wait for Sasuke.

5 - Promises mean a lot to Kasumi, so she takes Sasuke's promise to return and take her with him so seriously.

6 - During the 3 years training/timeskip, Kasumi was asked out by Kiba a number of times, however she turned him down politely not because she was worried about her relationship with Sasuke, but because she values hers' and Kiba's friendship too much.

7 - Kasumi was once tricked into going on a blind date with Shino

8 - Kasumi's rival was her childhood best friend, Rikio, who she also views as an older brother. NOTE: Rikio is the Shinobi sent by Minato & Kushina to bring Kasumi home...

9 - Sasuke was NOT Kasumi's first kiss.

10 - Kasumi is ambidextrous like myself (author/Georgie) , she is able to write and draw with both hands, while she prefers to fight using her right hand.

So here's 10 facts about Kasumi, hope you guys found it interesting! Emi is up next!

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