Miss Rarity.

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As Sonic trotted down the path, he realised someone was screaming out for help. He galloped quickly towards the sound and realised it was just Rarity screaming helplessly for Opal.

"Oh for pony sake.." Sonic flew towards Opal and carried her down, praying not to get scrawled by her manicured nails.

"Oh thank you darling! And who do I owe thaaaa.." Rarity looked up to see a colt who strangely looked like one of her friends.

"Oh it's Sonic. And Rarity, just get Kitty Nickles, when Opal climbs up a tree,It's her favourite snack."

"Oh yes, but you see, Opal is well aware of her doings and.." Rarity stopped. "Wait. How do you know Kitty Nibbles, are Opal's favourite snack?... And that my name was Rarity?" Rarity asked suspicious.

"Well... I-I didn't! It just came to me seeing as Opal is such a dignified cat with such a highly classed owner, of course you would have to have a beautiful name? And what better name than Rarity? I basically... just....guessed?" Sonic closed his eyes. For all the lies he had told, this one was absolutely ridiculous.

"Oh my! What a sweet gentlecolt! Why thank you for your compliments sir, and they are very much appreciated." Rarity said smiling kindly.

"Your welcome Rarity, anytime. Just please be careful I'd hate to see you hurt or anything." Sonic said smiling gently.

"Thank you for your concern... Well I guess I'll be seeing you around then.." Rarity said looking down onto the ground and drawing circles with her hoof.

"For sure! I know where you live I'll visit as much as I can." Sonic said reassuringly. Then he gave Rarity a gentle hug and left.

"So this is the colt Fluttershy was talking about. Well he certainly does look like Rainbow dash. Maybe he is her cousin. Beside that, he is a VERY peculiar colt.. I'll be keeping my eye on him." And with that Rarity turned around with Opal following closely behind her.

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