Chapter ten~bowling

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"Claire, are you ready?" Harry shouts from downstairs. "Give me a minute!" I shout back.

I put my hair in a high ponytail, put my usual makeup on, eyeliner, and mascara. I sometimes use eyeshadow, but not all the time.

I walk downstairs, and harry was standing by the door. "Ok, let's go!" Harry said. I nod. "Ok kids, have fun. But not too much fun." Louis said.

"Shut up!" Harry said. They didn't really act like criminals. They acted like normal people.

Except for 2 weeks ago when they robbed a bank.

Harry got a bowling ball, and swung his arms and swung it back to let the ball go hit the pins.

He hit 5. 5 left. "Wow. Congratulations. You hit 5. 5 more to go!" I laughed. "Shut up. Not like you could do any better." He said.

"Better than you." I smirked. I got a bowling ball, and swung it, and swung it back to hit all the pins.

I hit em all.

I jump up and down in excitement, then I turn around to see harry staring at me. "Ta-da!" I said. "Show-off." He muttered, walking towards me.

He leans in to kiss me, and I kiss him back.

I pull away from the kiss. "Let's go eat." I told him. "Ok. Um..McDonald?" He asked. "Sure." I replied.


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