when i saw him

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---+==Harry's POV==+----

I walked in to school and started to talk to my friend Calum when all of the sudden Michael walked in carrying a blond girl who he was clearly fingering the girl walked into the bathroom.

I was talking to Calum when a short boy walked in wearing dark skinny jeans and a tight magenta sweater that covered his small soft looking hands and his face was sad and happy at the same time he was gorgeous.

He walked off into the science hall and I walked off toward him staying close but far away also.

We got to the science hall and it was empty and I softly grabbed his arm when flinched in pain and turned around.

---+=Cody's POV=+---

I was walking to the science hall when all of a sudden a strong but delicate hand grabbed my forearm I relisted a slight whimper and turned around.

I told the tall handsome boy to do what he wanted to and just leave me alone as I started to cry he hugged me and told me that he wasn't going to hurt me and then sat down against the wall and motioned me to sit by him.

---+==Harry's POV==+---

The boy started crying and he said something but I didn't here and when he stopped talking I hugged him and let go he just stood there staring at me.

A sat down against the wall and motioned him to sit by me and he did I asked him for his name and it was Cody it was beautiful name for a beautiful person.

We sat and talked for a while when a tall boy walked up and punched Cody in the face and I stood up and picked up the kid who punched him and slammed him down on the floor and I yelled at him so what if he his I am too and told him if he ever touched him again he would regret it.

I sat down by Cody who was now crying and ill I could think to do was hold him in my arms while he cried in to my shoulder.

Who was that guy that punched you but all he did was sob in to my shoulder.

---+==cody's pov==+---

He picked me up bridal style and carried me outside of the school and then to his nice small car.

we drove for about 15 minutes until he pulled into a set of apartments and led me into a very nice apartment and set me on one of his small arm chairs.

before i could even ask him what was going on he kissed me his soft lips against mine was too much for me to take.

we continued kissing never breaking one for what felt like hours until someone knocked on the door and harry had to answer it.

harry walked back in with an Asian looking kid who looked really confused, about what was going on around him then abby followed in behind him.

---+==abby's pov==+---

Me and calum drove over to harrys to try and see if he came home and to see if the guy he took out of the school was cody i walked in to harrys house after calum and found cody sitting in a chair on the other side of the room.

i ran up to cody and hugged him and then asked him why he left the school and all he said was "that hot boy over there took me away."

calum was in the next room when harry walked back in the room and sat down by cody and explained what happened and then told us that he was just going to have cody stay with him for the day.

Me and calum left the two boys and headed back to school and told the office that harry and cody were sick then we just went on to our normal day.

---+==codys pov==+---

Abby and calum left the house and harry sat down next to me and asked me who that kid at the school was and i told him it was this kid named chandler abelhouzen .

then i asked him why he lived alone and he told me it was because he came out to his parents and for a while his dad beat him until he finally had saved up enough money to move out and live on his own.

Harry then turned on his T.V. to some musical or something and sat down by me and layed on my lap while the movie played.

I guess i fell asleep during the movie because i woke up in a bed with harry sleeping peacefully next to me and i walked in to the main room to get my phone and it was dark out side and i grabbed my phone and abby had texted me that she told my mom that i was spending the night at her place and to have fun.

i walked back into the bedroom and woke harry up to tell him what was going on and he asked me if i wanted to go to diner with him.

---+==harrys pov==+---

cody walked into the bedroom and told me that he was going to spend the night so i asked him if he would like to go eat dinner at this nice restaurant in town and he immediately said yes

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