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Later that day the family went out to play beach volleyball grandma sat by the beach while dad kicked the ball David glanced beyond the sunrise and saw her wave he waved back.
"What are you waving at" asked his sister Mia
"Oh just want the um" he said stuttering as a golden tail flipped back looking like a big fish. The family looked at the waters.
"How did u know that fish was coming"
"I just wave at the ocean she's always waving at us"
"Your weird for a 9 year old most boys your age ride skateboards and play video games all you want to do is go to the beach and you don't even want to swim your a lot different don't you want to hang out with friends"
"I don't have a lot of friends most kids are mean to me"
"Mia I really think I need to talk to you for a minute"
grandma took David and the rest of the family stayed at the beach.
Her father began to speak I realize you don't know your brother very well I think your well old enough to understand a bit more about him he has autism and does not always interact the best with new kids or a lot of kids his age it's a little harder for him he sees the world in a different way then most folks I hope you can understand and maybe try to encourage him more and not call him weird"
"Ok I understand dad she said hugging her dad her blond thine high ponytail flowing in the windy air, the wind must have picked up.
"I can see some dark clouds we better r get the family to the cottage"
"Ok" said Mia grabbing her fathers hand she was quiet strong for a thirteen year old girl.
They went to get their mom and brother and ran across grandma and David.
"Come on storms coming" said dad
Grandma grabbed David's hand, "no" "the family's already up the storms coming"
"no I need to find someone"
"like who nobody is at the beach it's dangerous nobody's coming here"
"I know someone who is he said running back"
"Grandma ran after him as fast as she could thought she was quiet weaker"
David was young strong and determined he ran into a small cave far out on the beach and kept running and running though grandma was exhausted she kept going even thought she knew he was up to something crazy possibly finding an imaginary friend nobody really understood him. Grandma walked on hoping the storm would not come to soon. She kept on watching him he seems to be going someplace far away or hard to get she saw him walk in and walked slowly behind. Until he seems to disappear into someplace small and followed avoiding the storm. Soon enough he had crawled into a small opening underneath some rocks and branches. Grandma still traveling slow behind though she knew the storm was caching up to her and the family was probably almost at the cottage by now she knew she had to follow him maybe he had an imaginary friend or a beautiful place by the beach where he could just watch she new he was strong willed and she wanted to see where he was adventuring to maybe it would be good for him to stretch his imagination she thought or was it. Grandma pocked her head out into what looked like a small hidden cave.
"David she called out"
He came and helped her into the cave since it was quiet small and she was quiet fragile.
They both waited inside the cave.
"David why did you come here there's nobody I can see"
"Wait she's coming"
"A friend My only real friend my age"
"Hon I understand your trouble with making friends but please don't say you made poor gran chase you for an imaginary friend it would be much more healthy to have some real friends as well"
"She is real"
"Who is this she if she were a girl she would most certainly not be here in this storm unless she's a simple animal such as a fish is that you were talking to"
"I'm not crazy she's a girl grandma we'll sort of you know how you said you saw a a a"
Suddenly something swam underneath into the cave.
"It's a girl" said grandma
"No it's  a mermaid"said David

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