I Love You!

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Lusie Hanna & Harry Styles' love story.

Chapter One.

"Where have you been all my life?" He kisses me, "I love you so much... I promise I'll never leave you."

I shook my head drifting those memories away knowing that all he said years ago were all a lies. He didn't love me... his promises went away like shooting stars. Just like he did along the road... left behind a broken girl with a million dreams and hopes invested in him. He wouldn't imagine how empty he left her.

"Lusie!!!" By bestfriend Melodie swings the door open with a beautiful grin.

"Let's go out tonight... our sorority sisters miss you... and there's a frat party tonight we should go." She beamed...

" No, I told you already that I won't go out with them again... you go and have fun." I tell her and she nodded.

" Alright, let me know if you change your mind." Says Melodie closing the door behind her. Ugh!

Melodie doesn't live with me, in my apartment. She lives in a sorority house with the rest of the girls. I moved from there because Harry and I bought a house one year and a half ago... when he left, I wanted to be alone but not in that house. So I rented this apartment.

And you must be wondering who Harry is...

Harry is my exboyfriend... or may I say fiance, yes we were gonna get married. But he decided to leave... I had to accept that he didnt love me anymore. But I rather think that he was just crazy and confused. Because I ended up like that, Crazy and Confused.

Throw Back.

"I have to leave... far away." Harry said sadly. "What are you talking about Harry? You don't have to leave." I cried.

"I'm sorry... I love you! But I can't stay." He gets closer to the door, I run towards him.

"Please don't leave... I beg you."... at this point my knees were shaking just like my whole body, my tears wouldn't stop running down my face just like my heart trying to hold on to his.

" I will come back... I promise, we can get married we can have a happy life... but you have to let me go." He said trying to sound assertive... he was getting weak, I could see pain in his eyes.

"I don't understand... Harry I need you. Don't leave me now, no. That's isn't fair to me." He hugged me, I cried on his shoulder.

" Ahh!!!" I screamed when I felt a pinch on my neck... I fell to the floor, I couldn't move. I was falling in an endless sleep... did he just drugged me?

" I won't be here when you wake up... but I love you and I will come back for you."

And with that I blacked out with the thought. "He's insane..."

End of throw back.

-( So yeah this is one of my fucked up stories... just remember this isn't a long book it will have like 15 or 20 chapter. I hope you all like it and dont forget to read my other stories because FAB!!! Dont forget to vote and comment if you like it or want me to continue the story. Anyways ilyyy all.!!)-
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