IX. Drifting Thoughts And Deary Dreams

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Evangeline's POV

Everytime I closed my eyes, I saw two distinct, piercing eyes, with the colour of a stormy blue green, gazing at me with an unreadible expression. His chisiled visage,was unmoving, staring and an unknown emotion flashing for a fleeting second, almost impossible to read.

Almost impossible, not impossible.

It was the same emotion I saw in my eyes every morning I thought I would no longer be human, of loosing those who were precious to me, my insecurities reflecting back at me from the mirror - vulnerability.

I opened my eyes to be greeted by the same familiar hazel eyes, looking back at me, from the wall lenght mirror behind the barre.

I look horrible.

My hair was matted with sweat and grime, my face blotched red from the exercise, my hands felt clammy and my poor feet were extremely sore. I was exhausted.

That dream drained me.

"Evangeline, last practice and then you can go and wash yourself. Then comeback in an hour's time and help me set the table for dinner. Master will be joining us today." Anna said bringing me out from my revirie.

"Yes, Anna. Should i start from the beginning?" I asked.

"Yes, first the Plié, then the Arabesque, the Balançoire, either the Bourrée or Couru, to perform the Brisé and finally three continuous Pirouettes."

I nodded aand proceeded with the well practised exercise.

First I straightened my back, then I corrected my stance and placed my feet according to the correct footing, that is the toes pointing in opposite directions with the heel joined. I then urged my tired knees to respond and bend while maintaining my balance. My muscles ached but i tried not to show it.

"Yes, good. Now the next one" Anna said approvingly.

I eased myself back to my original position amd readied my self to do an Arabesque.

I placed my right foot demi pointe on the ground. I put all my weight on that foot and lifted my left leg up, raising it behind me while bending infront at the hip and extending one arm infront and maintaining the position for sometime.

Anna then instructed me to change to en pointe and i maintained my balance on my toes. She nodded approvingly and i went on to the next step, the Balançoire.

I stood en pointe again and extented my left leg sideways, and swung it perpendicularly in Derrière position after moving into Attitude in First position. Again i got an encouraging approval.

Next I reverted back to the original position and started to run doing a Bourrée, in the spacious dance hall and did a series of quick step Batterié and got ready in Fifth Position, jumped, changed my feet in the air and landed back in Fifth Position.

Anna applauded, clearly impressed with the execution and instructed me to finish the exercise.

I stood en pointe again and twisted my body to twirl on my toes, while attempting an Attitude derrière for good measure and finished after three gyrations.

Anna walked up to me, patted me on the back and handed me a glass of water, which I gulped down like in the blink of an eye, inattentive to Anna's disapproval of drinking water right after strenuous exercise.

I picked up the wipe cloth and wiped my face off the grime and sweat. My lassitude was such that i didn't think I could make it to the bath even though the thought of hot water was extremely enticing.

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